Saudi Arabia’s gift to Pakistan: 100 mosques, 100 wells, 2000 eye surgeries


Saudi Arabia Deputy Ambassador Jasim Al-Khaldi on Friday announced the construction of 100 small and medium mosques, 100 wells for drinking water and the sponsoring of 2000 eye surgeries in Pakistan costing Rs. 182 million while addressing a press conference at the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO).

He said that Hafiz-e-Quran competitions would also be organised amongst the country’s youth, and also highlighted the welfare projects being sponsored by Saudi Arabia with the support of IIRO Secretary General Ehsan Bin Salah Tayyab.

He said that these would be a continuation of humanitarian efforts provided by the IIRO’s Pakistan office of the Muslim World League (Rabita Al Alam Al Islami) to help the victims of natural disasters in the country.

This statement followed the recent Saudi gift of a Rs 30 million carpet to the Faisal Mosque Campus of the Islamabad International Islamic University (IIUI).

While addressing the carpet placement ceremony, Saudi Embassy Charge’ d’ Affaires Jassim Al-Khalidi said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have brotherly relations rooted in historical and religious bonds, adding that the carpet was a token of this everlasting friendship.

The Saudi government also gifted carpets to the Faisal Mosque 30 years back.

Khalidi said that the mosque was central to Islamic societies, unifying the community. He stressed that Muslims should refrain from extremism and violence and termed sectarianism the root cause of many of the Ummah’s problems.

The official assured cooperation to the IIUI in its educational endeavours, lauding the university’s role in providing quality education to the students of Muslim countries.

The Indonesian Ambassador Burhan Mohamed, Omani ambassador, Palestinian ambassador, former Caretaker Federal Minster Feroz Jamal Shah Kakakhel, IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, IIUI President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh and IIUI university staff were also present on the occasion.


  1. We PAKISTANIS are thankful to SAUDI brothers for their support.
    Our people need your support as we are poor and our system is not effective.

  2. Many thanks for the eye surgeries; we deparately need help in opening our eyes as a nation. Thankyou.

    • This is the best comment i have ever read. Are the Pakistanis willing to open their eyes? Looking at the past events i doubt it! Day dreaming in a mosque and saying inshallah is preferable.

  3. We alraedy have Mosques more than we need.What difference have these made to our society? None. Remmember who do Saudi Royal Family represent.What have they done to Syria and what is their personal life style.

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