PESCO chief urged to stop unscheduled load shedding in Peshawar


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shaukat Ali Yousufzai on Thursday ordered the PESCO chief to immediately stop unscheduled load shedding in the province, particularly in Peshawar.
Yousufzai also declared that injustice would not be tolerated with the electricity-producing province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
He issued these directives during a meeting with the PESCO Chief Tariq Sadozai. The PESCO chief said due to destruction of Sheikh Muhammadi Grid Station, Peshawar was facing electricity shortage. He, however, hoped that the situation would be improved within next few days. He also said PESCO was making efforts to stop unscheduled load shedding.
The PTI leader maintained that it was encouraging that PESCO was mulling to overcome the load shedding issue in the province, but these efforts should be result- oriented as the unscheduled load shedding had made the life of the people miserable. Full-time efforts were needed for tackling this important issue, he added.
The deputy parliamentary leader continued that his constituency PK-2 is in the heart of Peshawar, adding that its people were regularly paying their electricity bills. Providing the people of PK-2 electricity through Ring Road feeder was injustice, he said.
Yousufzai asked the PESCO chief to devise an immediate and viable strategy for the electricity issue of Peshawar and immediately replace the faulty and overloaded transformers with new and powerful ones. Similarly, the complaint centre of PESCO should also be made more effective, he stressed.
On the directives of Yousufzai, the PESCO head formed a committee under PESCO XEN to resolve the complaints of the people of PK-2.