Transport dept takes step against unsafe CNG vehicles


The Transport Department on Wednesday declared that criminal proceedings would be initiated against vehicle owners lacking the fitness certification from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and the department.

Following the deadly school van incident in Gujrat which claimed 19 children’s and a teacher’s lives, the concerned authorities have been roused to preemptive action.

Transport Department officials have started fining public and private transport vehicles for low quality gas cylinders. The inspection is being implemented strictly, requiring an authorisation certificate and approval sticker on all CNG vehicles.

Violators would be arrested under Section 285 and 286, and fined Rs 5000 and sent to prison for six months.

However, many transporters objected to the department’s moves. Transporter Muhammad Yaqoob told Pakistan Today that the OGRA itself had fitted a CNG cylinder in his van, but when he went to procure his authorisation certificate, he was met with the officials’ delaying tactics.

Talking to Pakistan Today a Regional Transport Authority (RTA) official said that OGRA and other department officials had been negligent of safety standards for CNG vehicles. “We have started a campaign now and are acting against vehicle owners who are using low quality products to ensure the public’s security,” he added.


  1. Gujarat incident was not a cause of gas cylinder as earlier media reports and police dept .there are stupid decision makers in this country who just take a wrong action immediate without thinking its reaction or its benefit . never think about what kind of pain people suffer with his action.

  2. AoA yasab awam se bhta lany ka cher hy media be mila howa hy govt k sath bachy main b payary hain but cng cilender ka koie hadsa ne howa ya media ke gulat reporting hy

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