Nawaz summons meeting to discuss steps to overcome load shedding crisis


Prime Minister-designate PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has convened a meeting of his close aides and experts on Wednesday (today) to discuss ways and means to overcome power crisis in the country.

The meeting, which will be held prior to his election as the prime minister, will be attended by Ishaq Dar, Khawaja Asif, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and other experts and senior officials.

Sources said in his maiden speech in the National Assembly after being elected as prime minister, Nawaz would announce various short- and medium-term measures to minimise load shedding.

They said the prime minister was also likely to announce a programme for the provision of jobs to the employed youth.



  1. it is most unfortunate that the people of pakistan have been subjected to this misery. Mian brothers are directly responsible for the current state of affairs. They alone were in complete control of providing Electricity in Punjab and they ignored it. Having done that now they are acting as if they have nothing to do with the past. the facts are that the condition of the entire electric system is so bad that it will take many years to catch up with the pas neglects. The earliest the electric load shedding can be eliminated is about 20 years away. Lot of hard work remains to be done and it will take lot of money, which the pakistan government does not have. May Allah help and make it easy. Ameen.

    • First, provincial Govt. have no control over the power distribution so even they have produced they were in no control to make sure that what their share will increase, second for power generation big projects are required to be undertaken which would have required national consensus and sovereign guarantees which perhaps PPP Govt. would not have given. Plus lets, for the sake of argument, say that if Punjab Govt had decided to build Kala Bagh dam and somehow managed to secure resources do you think federal govt. would have allowed it to execute? It is naive or rather a biased approach on your behalf to blame a provincial govt. for that.

    • What viable options or project did Punjab Govt had for producing electricity in Punjab? I believe virtually none other than building Kala Bagh dam or improving national grid losses both could not have been materialized without the federal govt. support. All other viable projects like coal based generation, gas based generation or other hydro projects falls outside the jurisdiction of Punjab Govt.!

    • I think you need to stop listening to idiots making a mockery of facts by giving their personal opinions.Stop watching local morons,they can't even read english much less speak on the topic of energy.Stop the whining and blame game,don't look back rather move forward.Living in the past will only slow you down.What we need to do is hold every public servant accountable,burning tires and destroying property won't get you any where.I agree Nawaz cannot over come this energy crisis over night but there are options that can over come or slow it don in short term,yes they can,yes it will take money,no it won't help if you keep crying over last 5 years.

  2. As it is hard to get out of the current situation overnight, what a common man expects from new government is some concrete plans which are also workable and implementation of these plans without any further delay. These plans should include short term as well as long term plans and people will feel better if the government will keep them informed at each stage.

    One should realize that Load Shedding is a national issue and not provincial issue so people from all provinces should co-operate with the government in implementation of plans keeping their ego aside.

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