Judges detention case: Court scolds prosecutor over failure to submit challan




The Anti-Terrorism Court has expressed its anger with prosecutor for not submitting challan against former president Pervez Musharraf in the judges’ detention case.

The ATC in Islamabad resumed hearing in the judges’ detention case on Saturday.

During case proceeding, the court expressed resentment as the prosecutor did not submit challan against former military ruler Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf.

ATC Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi remarked that the interim challan should have been submitted in the court in time.

On this, the prosecutor regretted that he received the appointment letter with a day’s delay, therefore, he could not submit the challan in the court.

He also assured the court that he would submit the challan on the next hearing to be held on June 6.



  1. leave the poor guy alone……thisnk about countries future and forget about the past…yes if you want somthing from the past than go and get zardari and all the ppp's who has looted countries money

    • We must have to find out mistakes of the history. Why left Zardari or etc…Mushraff is right man he must be released…This is totally biased judiciary activism. How You ppl say this…Shame on Pakistanis senseless Nation..

    • Totally agree with you nas… I guess Musharaf is facing the personal grief these judges bare against him and 'Mr Iftekhar chowdhury' so called chief justice of Pakistan is the gang leader.
      So we see how much a common man receives justice in Pakistan

  2. The court should help out the prosecutor as in the case of the FIR. What a joke we have become internationally.

  3. The establishment wants to keep Musharraf away from any trial of his wrongdoings.

    • who is establishment? a collective term for civil and army servicemen?
      if yes, they are far more loyal to Pakistan than these bloody politicians who come to loot and vanish..

  4. Complaint against Perez Musharraf has been withdrawn on May 18th by Chaudhry Aslam Ghuman who had filed the original charges for the detention of 60 judges. However, the vindictive SC continues to have trail without any plaintiff or a valid chelan. There can be NO trail without a plaintiff or challan. However these rules do not apply to the kangaroo Supreme Court of Pakistan.

  5. Why is he even arrested without a valid challan in the first place? In a civilized country you cannot arrest a person without a challan.

    • Dear Jawaid this is not civilized country rather we are brutal people from Cheif Justice to peon. So please understand this corrupt system and corrupt people of this country. He was the only man who did well for the Pakistan therefore this cheap justice put him in jail. Here Might id right no justice and equality…

    • ur right sir,,blind people want to get their own benefits,,this is not law,being a student i am feeling shame on such shamless judges.

  6. sab kuch bhi nahi karsaktey ye sab ek package sey musalik hein wohi hoga jo hokum aaiey ga

  7. Judges are making mockery of justice by not being fair with Musharraf.They are holding vendetta against Musharraf.

  8. Wo sacha hai us nay kaha tha PAKISTAN MERA ISHIQ HAI or uss nay ya sabit kar deya agar asa na hota to wo kabi pakistan wapis na atta un ko ess kurbani ka sela zaror melay ga Inshallah.


  10. Ladies & gentlemen, his advisers were wrong all along. He does not have any real backing in Pakistan. Pakistan is not a civilized country. It is still run by tribal chiefs, landlords, and clans. Look at the results of every election which was ever held in Pakistan. Pakistanis kept on electing same vampires again & again. The party responsible for breaking the Pakistan still has significant clout. The person who will be responsible for selling the blood of Pakistanis & Kasmiris will be the next PM. Musharraf himself did not use any complimentary words for Kayani. Justice in Pak !!!

    • I dont know why you stupid people always talk about backing.Why dont you talk about credentials and person's honesty.YOu are a nations of mornons and is not ashamed of the fact that a nation like Bangladesh refuses you visa to visit their countries.

  11. ye gudhay ap ka keia bgaren ge khud ghadar hn keia judges keia poletx allaha spka mddgar ho aur apko haq PR qaem rakhey

  12. Very very funny……… this the only example of of this whole century of Pakistan where he is ready to be trail and specially came back by his own will to face the fake charges on him but those you wanted him in jail now wants him to GO BACK SO THAT THEY CAN GET RELIEF FROM FUTURE FUNNY EPISODE THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN WITH THEM…..LOL I M ENJOYING….

  13. Goodness me, what a rogue nation! A person spent 40 years defending his country, fought two national wars against enemy. Served as the chief of the armed forces and served as the president of Pakistan is forced to be declared a traitor. What a shame!

    All those who licked Mush's boots and ass all the time when he was in power, are now have become the true citizens of Pakistan. The one eyed Chief Justice of Pakistan has become a symbol of a self-styled justice. He is now begging for 2 years extension from Nawaz sharif to reward his services to PMLN. Shame!

    • Mushraf is great personality and loyal for pakistan.He should be must released.
      justce is not a tue muslim .he is a saudia agent and pmln dod.

  14. The biggest croke and attemted murderer is you prime minister please justice does not exsist in pakistan when you have most corrupt chief justice.

  15. There is no doubt in his sincerity n loyalty to Pakistan. unfortunately the whle legal system consist of corrupt judges plus media can be easily purchased. Anyone can see the way media covers GEN. news.

    • God bless all good and sincere people who are in the fever of G.Pervez Musharraf as he was gr8t leader.Corrupt and shameless judges are insult of Law.

  16. Do u know the brother of ATC judge Kauser Abbas Zaidi, Maj Mansoor Zaidi was court marshalled during gen. musharraf tanure of COAS. So
    judiciary's intentions r clear in appointing ATC judge.

  17. I like pervaiz musharraf from the core of my heart,keyon keh musharraf jaesa bahadur,zaheen,aur mohibe watan jaesa seyasat dan pore pakistan main aek bhee naheen.Hamare mulk kee badnaseebe hae keh jin logon ne mulk ko bedarde se loota woh to mahallat main bethe haen aur jis shakhs ne mulk ke khidmat kee aur maeeshat ko betar keya woh jail main hae.

    • dear liking or not liking does not matter but if u ve some potential then do something for him bcz now he is in need.

  18. Musharaf achievement and support can be judged that without active participation and boycott in election he still was able to win two seats, this u can compare with Imran Khan first and second election popularity.He has support , give him a fair chance he can be a power in local body election.and next election.

  19. CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry Sahib, now your term is near to end and please stop politics any more. Your Judiciary is no more neutral and just working to Musharraf down. Do something to collect money from the people who were corrupted and give bad name to Pakistan

    Look for the betterment of Pakistan and recover all looted money from the wealthier people who down Pakistan into the hands of IMF.

    Musharraf freed from the evil hands of IMP. All should appreciate his efforts and now stop isolation him.

    Look for the future and don’t dig the past.


  20. Why court is ordering to submit Challan if nobody read to do so????????????????????????

  21. Nawaz sharif should remember that once he was in prison and musharraf was ruler and again musharraf is in prison and nawaz is ruler so Nawaz Sharif if ur courts take revenge then u must be ready for the same treatment in near r far future because the time does not wait and it has to go and to go. One day, ur Premier ship would be ended and then what???????????????????????????????????

  22. I still remember Pakistan was in economic crisis when Musharraf took over the country.He pulled the country out of the crisis and even made it strong.And now for no reason his opponents wants to roll down his head!Where are the true Pakistanis?

  23. It is only in Pakistan, that person is guilty before proven innocent, where at civilized countries , A person is innocent before proven guilty. The judges are making mockery of justice in Pakistan and become a laughing stock of the world. But Inshallah this brave and honorable commando will rise again above all those corrupt Politicians and Judges. and lead the country to prosperity once again. Musharraf is an high caliber leader in Pakistan after a long time. He is honest. true nationalist and genius, Nation love him and need him.

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