Drone attacks paralysing peace process: Nisar


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday said drone attacks were against the sovereignty of the country and have been paralysing peace process.
Talking to reporters outside the Parliament House, the PML-N leader said that drones attacks were counterproductive. He said that after coming into the power, PML-N would take responsibility of stopping drone attacks. Nisar said drone attacks threatened regional peace and stability.
“We have clear cut policy against drone attacks… these attacks are paralysing the peace process… after taking control of the government we would raise this issue seriously… 10 years back a military dictator pushed the country in war,” he said.
Nisar said the cabinet size would be very small. The PML-N leader said that his party had not changed its stance on national issues. He said that his party would come up to the expectations of the people.
Meanwhile, while talking to reporters, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said that in the PML-N government there would be zero tolerance against corruption. He said that new government would appoint competent, upright and honest people. To a question regarding drone attacks, he said that his party had a clear policy against drone attacks and it would take up this issue with all stakeholders.
Ahsan Iqbal also said the new government would take every possible step to resolve national issues.
Whereas, in his media talk, leader of opposition-designate Khursheed Shah said that drone attacks were big challenge for the new government. He said the people were looking towards Nawaz Sharif to play role to stop drone attacks. “The US welcomes Nawaz government with a drone strike… let us see after taking control of the government what PML-N do against drones,” Shah said.
He said the PPP would sit on opposition benches and a grand alliance of all opposition parties was being made in this regard.
“All opposition parties, including PPP, PTI, MQM and JUI-F would have to forgive differences for reconciliation… and I’m working on these lines.”
PPP-senior leader Amin Faheem, while talking about the credibility of the elections, said that these elections were Part-B of 1997 elections. However, he said that peaceful transition of power would strengthen democracy in the country.
Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai said his party would support new government as it had promised for the rule of law, respect of judiciary and an end to terrorism. He urged all political leaders to join hands to get rid of terrorism and to make Pakistan a dignified, independent and prosperous country. Achakzai said further it was beauty of democracy that all politicians who were sidelined by a military dictator now had once again become part of parliament.


  1. Here is my question for PML-N. You stayed in opposition for five years, did you ever table a resolution against the drone attacks?

  2. Acha Jee. Why not start with returning your wife's and Kid's US passport. Mr Naik parween

  3. The mandate of the people must be respected, we can't have a foreign power flying in drones to kill our people, it's breaking all international laws. PML-N have an opportunity to correct this, no more words, it's time for action.

  4. For the last five years Chaudhary Nisar did nothing to stop Drone strike, his family has Dual Nationality. He is a big lier and corrupt person.

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