Power Shortfall reduced to 3‚400 megawatts


The electricity shortfall has been reduced to almost 3400 Megawatts due to various measures taken by the federal government.

According to the spokesman of Ministry of Water and Power‚ electricity generation has enhanced up to 12500 MW while demand is 15900 MW.

He hoped that the shortfall will further be reduced in coming days.


  1. It does not matter how many MW are reduced! The common man in the street wants to know what it means to them in practical terms. Keep it simple!

    • dear Dr. bhai- The truth is that pakistan as a country needs massive refurbishing of existing systems, most of the equipment needs repairs and updating. Additionally, pakistan government has no money to purchase fuel for the generating units, looking forward, it will take about 25 years for pakistan to reduce the current level of load shedding. I being an engineer who is very familiar electric utility syastems can only say. Pkistan has a very long way to go just to get its head above water – InshAllah, things will improve and these difficult years will pass and pakistan will get a dynamic leader to lead them out of this mess.

      • During PPP govt Nawaz supporters never seemed to forgive govt and demanded immediate solution of power crisis. Now, since their PMLN govt is coming up, they are starting to put up explanations.

    • I thank you for your kind reply. You have moved me from despondency to despair. With the time scale you mention i will be with Allah. I was reliably informed by one of the many many beurocrats that the main cause of shortage of electricity was nonpayment of bills and wrong reading of the meters. With intelligent ingeniors like you why should it take 25 years. The Pakistanis living abroad are willing to help as we helped Imran to build his hospital. Well a dynamic leader has been chosen allready for the third time despite my trepidations but i accept the wish of the people. Thank you again for your honest reply.

    • yes this is one good solution. it is practiced all the time in USA. we should learn from other nations

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