LHC bans vehicles with substandard gas kits


While imposing a ban on vehicles with substandard gas kits, the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday sought a report regarding the usage of faulty CNG and LPG kits being used in the vehicles around the province. The court also directed the administration to submit a detailed report of the Gujrat van incident.
LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial while taking notice of the Gujrat van tragedy commented that the Health Department was indifferent towards ensuring safe transport in the province. He also sought report into kits being used in motorcycles and rickshaws.
The court was told during the hearing of a plea against the substandard CNG kits that they might cause a great disaster. It was told that the Gujrat incident also occurred due to the substandard kit that led to deaths of school children.
The Chief Justice has sought a report from the Punjab government, Transport Department and Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority till June 10.
NH&MP CRACKS DOWN ON FAULTY KITS: The National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) launched a massive awareness and enforcement campaign about dangers of low quality CNG/LPG cylinders and kits. DIG Dr Muhammed Shafiq while presiding over a meeting with the police officers at the Zonal Office, said that patrolling officers had so far checked 117,236 vehicles in which 15,496 vehicle were found to be operating with faulty gas cylinders.
The vehicles were referred to the RTA and the local police for further legal action. He said four categories and violations were checked by NH&MP officers including proper placement of CNG cylinder at designated place, pasting of HDIP stickers (Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan) on cylinders as well on screens, verification of route permits/fitness certificates after installation of CNG kits and usage of LPG.