Khoso for technical education


Caretaker Prime Minister Hazar Khan Khoso on Thursday said priority should be given to technical education so that youth can be productively employed and play a constructive role in progress and development of the country. Khoso said this while reviewing the performance of the ministries of Human Resource Development and Overseas Pakistanis at the PM’s House. Ministry of Human Resource Development Secretary Abdul Khaliq briefed Khoso on the functions, objectives and performance of the ministry.
He said that one of the functions of Human Resource Development was to work for the welfare of the working class. In this connection, the ministry was running Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) which finances the establishment of educational, health and housing facilities for the working class.
Khoso said the WWF should invest more in the education sector as it makes all the difference. He said he belonged to a rural and remote area of Balochistan but was able to make a mark in life because of education.
The PM regretted that education was beyond the reach of the poor.
The PM was told that the Ministry of Human Resource Development was planning to open polytechnic institutes in Sohbatpur, Manjipur, Lehri, Jhal Magsi and other remote areas of KP and Balochistan.


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