PTI decides to field Asad Umar, Ayla Malik in NA-48, NA-71 by-polls | Pakistan Today

PTI decides to field Asad Umar, Ayla Malik in NA-48, NA-71 by-polls


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) parliamentary board has finalised the party tickets for the by-elections to be held in NA-48 Islamabad and NA-71 Mianwali constituencies, and it has been decided that the party’s top leaders Asad Umar and Ayla Malik would be contesting for the constituencies being vacated by Makhdoom Javed Hashmi and Imran Khan, respectively.

Though the formal announcement is yet to be made, the party’s hierarchy has made the decisions according to which Imran Khan would vacate NA-1, Peshawar, and NA-71 Mianwali seats and keep NA-56, Rawalpindi seat.

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi would keep the NA-149 Multan seat and would vacate NA-48 Islamabad. A senior PTI leader told Pakistan Today that the party wanted to get elected Asad Umar who was not only a top leader of the party, but would be badly missed due to his expertise on economy and other related issues.

“We would badly need Asad Umar regarding the party’s official policy on the budget-making of the federal government, while he would also assist the party’s chairman Imran Khan on other issues,” the PTI leader said, adding that the party’s parliamentary board had given approval in this regard.

The source added that since Ayla Malik had acted as in-charge of PTI’s election campaign in Mianwali district, she would be an asset for the party in the National Assembly, as Khan wanted to again clinch Mianwali seat, his hometown.

“For Imran Khan, Mianwali is not only a hometown but he is attached to his people a lot. Ayla Malik is very popular among Mianwali voters and she holds sway across Mianwali district due to the influence of the Kalabagh family. She has also gelled the party workers and local leadership together. So the party is going to field her from Mianwali,” the PTI leader added.

Asked whether Inamullah Khan Niazi, the first cousin of Imran Khan would play an irritant against Ayla’s candidature, the PTI leader said PTI workers and local leaders were united and Ayla Malik was the undisputed leader.

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  1. Alamgir Baig said:

    Asad Umar can very conveniently win if PML(N) field Anjum Aqeel Khan who is known for his massive corruption in (1)National Police Foundation, (2)Khuda Dad Heights, (3)-Crystal Court Tower, (4)-Torture and assault upon a Professor, (5)-Assault upon Shalimar Police Station and (6)-Mysterious and Dubious Acquittal from Police Station attack Case with the help of Rehman Malik and Yousaf Raza Gillani but if the PML(N) decided to award ticket to a rekno, then it would be difficult for Asad Umar or any PTI candidate to retain the seat.

    • Haji Raja Amin said:

      I agree to above account as the family of Anjum Aqeel has been devided into three (a)-Anjum Aqeel, (b)-his cousin Zubair Farooq Khan contested last election on Jamat-e-Islami ticket from NA-49, and (b)-his other cousin Shaheen Khan who had joined the PTI some time back so he can be an easy prey to PTI. The Pirs of Golra Sharif are also against him. The local residents of Golrra are also against him as he has spared none. The hatred is so much that even the old Leaguers are also not ready to vote for him

  2. Sh. Akram, G-9/2 said:

    This all is ok but if PML(N) move Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar Advocate, then he would prove to be very strong candidate and Asad Umar will not be able to even compete with him in City as well as rural areas.

  3. Ahmed said:

    If PMLN decided to award ticket to Anjum Aqeel Khan he will definitely win this seat as no other candidate from PMLN can win this seat.

  4. Ali said:

    U guys are mis guided As the current position of Na-48 party gave tickt to Anjum Aqeel Khan but he withdraw his nomination paper mean while so its contovercial tht either ECP allow him to contest or not if he will b allowed to contrest election he surley win the seat Because PTI seniors as sarwar khan himself admitd that if anjum khan contest election he surly win from asad umar if party other candidate will contest then PTI have high chance to win

  5. wajahat said:

    But then what about the cases which are upon Anjum aqeel

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