IIUI holds lecture on thyroid health awareness


The International Islamic University (women) on Thursday held a lecture on “thyroid and health awareness” with the collaboration of Kulsoom International Hospital Islamabad.
Dr Nighat Bilal, the guest speaker, explained the causes and effects of the thyroid in human body.
She told the students that the decreasing level of Iodine in the diet leading to insufficient thyroid hormone results in lower the IQ levels in children.
Dr Nighat said if the thyroid was immensely enlarged, there was high risk that the surrounding organ may also be affected.
Dr Nighat said the diseases that are, because of the thyroid like goiter, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.
Zaitoon Begum, director female campus IIUI; Dr Asma Gul, chairperson department of environmental sciences; and a large number of students were also present.
Dr Zaitoon said that IIUI focused to arrange lectures, seminars only to create a better social, moral and medical understanding among students.
At the end of the lecture, Dr Zaitoon and Dr Asma presented a souvenir to Dr Nighat.