FBR won’t ask for your bank details online!


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in a statement on Wednesday warned taxpayers and the general public about send their bank account details and password to emails apparently received the FBR, as it was a case of online fraud to rob people.

The statement said that fake email addresses like [email protected] were being used being used to contact taxpayers and fool them into providing their account numbers and passwords. A fake website had also been created by the perpetrators of this fraudulent scheme. The statement informed that the organisation’s official website was www.fbr.gov.pk, so the public should watch out for “phishing”, a technique used by identity thieves to misuse online financial systems for internet robberies. Globally, phishing has been depriving unsuspecting people of around a billion dollars annually.

The statement announced that no links to any bank were provided on the FBR’s website and the bureau would never ask for a person’s bank details and passwords on its home page.

The requested the public to be careful and prudent regarding such emails and websites.