No end to load shedding any time soon: Nawaz


Expressing resolve to overcome the power crisis in Pakistan, prime minister elect Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday dispelled any hopes of an early end to the severe load shedding crisis, but said that his government would make full efforts make short term relief efforts.

Addressing Youm-e-Takbir ceremony that marks the country’s nuclear explosions, Nawaz Sharif said he would work day and night to overcome the power crisis which had badly affected the country’s economy and added to the miseries of people.

However, the PML-N chief said that power plants might take three years to operate.

“Don’t expect that the new government will come and resolve the issue of load shedding as soon as it takes charge, we will cure the problem as well as pray to Almighty to fix it,” Nawaz Sharif added.

He said that his government would carry out an ‘economic explosion’ within the next five years.

While talking about the general elections, Nawaz said the people of Punjab have made a wise decision and that he will not disappoint those who did not vote for him, adding that a bright face of Pakistan has come forth in front of the world after the elections.


  1. You all voted for him and now get ready to take all he gives , do not complain. I forgot, before he starts any country business, he needs to take care of his london properties. You all need to have patience for the next 5 yeats, vote PTI and get imran khan to fix the country's problems. These jokers will always do what they did so well in the past- money laundering.

    • Don't be too sure about the five years stuff brother.Mians have the knack to f..k it up half way.Let the countdown begin.

  2. Let Allah Fix loadshedding. They will fill there bank accounts in next 5 years. Pathan's turned out to be more progressive than the Punjabi's. Turns out Punjab is the cause of all problems in Pakistan.

  3. What I would like to find out is whether or not his Raiwind estate has also been getting the brunt of load-shedding and if not then why?

  4. If only sharif family pays its due tax and stop money laundering , then there will be no load shedding from Allah…. Blame it on God, we need to check Noora s graduation certificate.

  5. please dont say about what you dont know….
    you want imran khan who even do not know a to b of politics…you want to hand over the country in the hand of those who do not have enough experience..
    imran khan know nothing….lets see how much he will do in KPK….nothing…you will see my bro… dont blame….Nawaz shrif is a great leader…..
    he know how to bring pakistan out of troubles.

    • You idiot, it is those experienced ones who have treated you like a dog and you keep wagging your tail.No leader worth his salt would have hair planted or abandon the people to live in Saroor Palace and return with a waist line of a pregnant cow.

  6. Right Mr Very Sharif, just prey and dont even mention your promises! people will prey for your riddance very soon too!

  7. hmmm my dear……kindly open todays express epaper…go to autorial paper and read the kalam of javed chaudhry about nawaz shrif….then talk to me….

  8. have a debate with me i will prove you in any stance nawaz shrif is a great leader….
    you are the people beggers of line….

  9. I have full faith in my leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that he will steward the nation out of many crises that the country is currently in. It might take longer and for that nation should have patience, however, if they see that the governance is on the right track, I am sure they will face the crises bravely. And for those who speak ill about Mian Saheb, Allah aap sab ko hidayat de. Aameen.

    • Rauf don't waist your time. His kugoo leader could not debate so how do you expect his even kugooer follower to do that.

  10. These idiots will do what they do best and that is filling their offshore accounts. You voted for him, now you deserve all the misery.

    • i dont get why these duds think about all these factors before calling Nawaz Sharif a 'great leader'. I mean do you people even know what a 'true leader' is like???? can you plz tell what your 'great [doofus] leader" has done for the country in his past regimes??? and plz don't start on that bus and roads crap….leaders dont build buses and roads ANYwhere in the world…they LEAD if you know what that means…

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