Petition seeks early hearing of Lal Masjid case against Musharraf




A petition was on Monday filed with the Islamabad High Court requesting early hearing of a case seeking registration of a murder case against former president Pervez Musharraf for ordering military operation on Lal Masjid.

The petitioner, Haroonur Rashid, son of late Ghazi Abdul Rashid, who had requested the court for the registration of an FIR against Musharraf for ordering the military operation, on Monday filed a miscellaneous petition in IHC, seeking early hearing of his petition he filed on May 7, 2013.

In his application, the petitioner said according to media reports, Musharraf was trying to leave the country so his already filed petition should be heard on priority.

During the last hearing of the case, Justice Noorul Haq N Qureshi had heard the petition and issued notice to Aabpara police SHO. Haroon Rashid filed the petition and moved the court through his counsel M Tariq Asad and made the Aabpara police SHO and General (r) Pervez Musharraf respondents.

In his petition, he said an order of Supreme Court dated November 2, 2007 in which it was stated by the IG police that after recording the statements of all concerned, the police would proceed in the matter strictly in accordance with law.

The petitioner continued that he submitted several applications before the Aabpara SHO to register an FIR but the same were refused.

He contended that in the ‘Operation Silence’, a large number of innocent people, including boys and girls, were killed against the law of the land.

The petitioner said it was cleared that Musharraf had ordered the military operation and had confessed at various occasions that 94 people had been killed in the operation.


  1. Like father like son – the lies continue. The lal masjid commission also discovered there were no women and girls killed (except Rashid's mother). This is what happens when the courts let the real guilty go, so the terrorists are now moving the courts against the president of the time who took a just action. This is entirely the fault of the courts and no competent country would have allowed this.

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