CDA announces Rs 6m fund to alleviate water shortage


Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz said on Monday that a special fund of Rs. 6 million rupees has been allocated to resolve the city’s water shortage issue at the inaugural ceremony of the “Clean and Green Islamabad” campaign in Sector F-10.

The fund would be used to repair off-road water tankers and to purchase new generators. Additionally, generators from different CDA offices would be shifted to the tube wells for smooth water supply of in sectors I and G. The chairman said that water is life’s basic necessity and it was the CDA’s foremost obligation to provide clean drinking water to residents.

“Clean and Green Islamabad” Chief Campaign Coordinator and Planning and Design Member Syed Mustafain Kazmi, CDA officials, school children, Sector Citizens Committee and many citizens were also present at the ceremony.

Tahir Shahbaz said that the CDA had sufficient water reserves but the power outages made water pumping and tube-well functioning impossible, adding that water tankers repair maintenance and generators’ installation at tube-wells would help in reducing water shortage complaints. He informed that he had directed the water management wing to monitor the situation daily and to install generators within a week.

Further, he also ordered to increase the supply from 26 million gallons per day to 29 million from Simlly Dam and directed Environment, Sanitation, Municipal Administration and Engineering Wing officials to resolve the sector F-10 residents’ grievances Sector whenever required and to remain stationed at the camp office for three days. He also asked the citizens to maintain contact with CDA officials so their issues could be resolved promptly.

Moreover, F-10 markaz traders met the CDA head and briefed him about the problems they faced. The F-10 Traders Union President Tahir Abbasi presented a bouquet to the chairman and assured their full cooperation in the CDA’s Clean and Green campaign.