PML-N nominates Marvi Memon for NA reserved seat


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Sunday decided to nominate Marvi Memon as a member of the National Assembly from Punjab’s reserved seats for women, a private TV channel reported.

Marvi had lost her seat from Sindh during the general elections on May 11. The PML-N’s Aisha Javed and Saba Sadiq were also nominated for the reserved seats.

The three nominated MNAs had left the PML-Q in favour of the PML-N earlier.

Prime minister-elect Nawaz Sharif had welcomed Marvi after offering PML-Q leaders membership to his party if they apologised to the nation for supporting a dictator.

On Marvi’s joining the PML-N, Nawaz had said “Marvi’s approach towards issues is pragmatic. She will prove to be an asset for the party”.


  1. Marvi Memon is proving to be PMLN ke Sherni….
    She ran an excellent door-to-door campaign in Thatta during recent elections.
    She should be given PMLN ticket to contest the by election in NA-48 Islamabad.

    • Marvi no doubt is an emerging potential,nevertheless it is quite disappointing for political workers who are associated with PML N with un shattered loyality while people who changed loyalities are accomodated.Sorry for PML N loyalists:(

  2. Good move. She is a reasonable lady. If she is asked to contest NA 48 it would be wonderful.

  3. She will do anything for a seat. Next time her zamir will wake up for the next party in power.

  4. This is the morality that represents these petty politicians.Shujaat of Gujrat lost 2008 elections with a disgraceful margin,yet he was disgracefully nominated for Senate seat and he very disgracefully accepted.Marvi comes from similer stock.This confirms my belief that these men and women have NO RESPECT FOR PUBLIC OPINION.Self interest reigns supreme. This system has been corrupted by the corrupt.

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