FBR chairman takes notice of concealing invoices


Federal Board of Revenue Chairman Ansar Javed on Saturday took notice of concealing invoices, under invoicing and under assessment of containers carrying imported goods.
FBR sources said that DG Audit, Customs Muhammad Ikram Khan pointed out to FBR chief the gross irregularities being committed at NLC Dry Port Thokhar Niaz Baig.
The DG Audit informed the FBR that packing lists and invoices are not found placed on more than 60 percent of the total containers carrying imported goods only at one NLC dry port under control of collectorate of Appraisement.
He further disclosed the modus operandi of scam that importers with the connivance of customs officers conceal the invoice value and physical description of imported goods which increases the discretion of customs staff and likelihood of under invoicing and under assessment is very high which resulting huge monetary loss to national kitty.
The DG disclosed that according to Customs Rule 2001, all imported cargo when entered into customs area for clearance must accompany with a copy of packing list and invoice must also be placed on the inner side of the door of container.
He said that according to para 389 read with para 391 of Customs Rules, liability of placing such documents vests with the owner of goods and carrier. He said that the owner of goods and the carrier will explicitly stipulate the requirement of placing documents in the manner prescribed as an obligatory condition, to the person packing or shipping the cargo.
Muhammad Ikram Khan also conveyed other serious observations carrying weight about other gross malpractices at NLC dry port for immediate action to set the things in right direction on merit and transparent examination and inspection of containers.
Large scale irregularities were also committed at NLC during the car amenity scheme in which only a special group of 6 Inspectors, Appraisers and Examiners out of a total of 20 cleared hundred of vehicles at less custom duty than prescribed while remaining customs officers were sidelined without any plausible reason.