Not a big fan of outages


A city without water and electricity is not a place one would want to be in this boiling summer season. The agitated citizens of the provincial capital continue to cry out loud at the unavailability of basic necessities of life.

Markets and business hubs of the city portrayed a deserted look as the power outages continued for more 20 hours in some parts of the city.

The load-shedding of electricity especially during night made people pass sleepless nights and due to shortage of sleep, the people went irritated and the cases of quarrel have been increased.

There was also a shortage of water as all the water supply schemes were stopped due to load shedding. Despite the caretaker government repeated assurance that the load shedding would be cut short, no respite has been made to the people.

During power outages, labourers’ were seen waiting outside shops for electricity to come and resume work. Meanwhile, mercury jumped to 47 degrees Celsius on Thursday which was the highest recorded for the season.

Residents from various areas of the city said that the electricity outages also interrupted the water supply to the localities due to which they had to fetch water from far off areas. Moreover, traffic signals in most of the busy chowks of the city remained turned off due to the load shedding, creating problems for the traffic police.

The residents demanded the concerned authorities to end the prolonged and unannounced load shedding in the city.