Foreign policy, previous govt’s accords to remain unchanged: Jilani


The new government will not affect agreements, including that of the IP gas pipeline project, signed by the previous regime, Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani said on Friday.

Addressing a special news briefing at the Foreign Office, Jilani said Gwadar had been officially handed over to China.

The foreign secretary, flanked by Pakistan’s envoy to China, Masood Khan and the newly-appointed spokesman, said change in the Pakistani administration would not affect the foreign policy of the country.

He said “governments come and go but that does not mean deals and accords with others countries are annulled”.

He said the energy crisis in the county was the biggest test for the upcoming government, adding that all options would be reviewed to meet the energy needs of Pakistan.

He said Pakistan would continue with the previous foreign policy, adding that projects, including the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, signed by the previous regime would also not be affected.

Jilani said any change introduced by the US administration in the policies regarding the war against terrorism were being reviewed and monitored deeply, however, he added there was no legal justification for drone strikes inside Pakistani territory.

Calling drone strikes a sheer violation of basic human rights, he said the government would urge the US to revise its policies regarding drones.

To a question, the foreign secretary said China was in cooperation with Pakistan on civilian nuclear technology and would continue supporting Pakistan, however he revealed that that no new deal had been struck with China in this connection.

“Both countries are sharing cooperation in thermal, wind and hydro power generations projects to meet the country’s energy needs.”

Lauding the Chinese premier’s recent visit to Pakistan, Jilani said the visit was successful and was the proof of the trust between the leadership of the two countries had in each other.

He said Gwadar had been handed over to China in connection with administrative and development aspects.

Jilani said Pakistan was trying to promote ties with China, adding that 4,000 students were learning Chinese in Islamabad and another institute would be opened in Karachi soon for which a deal had been struck.

“China also enjoys interests in Afghanistan, following which a trilateral forum comprising Pakistan, China, and Russia is working and soon its third sitting will be called.”

To a question, Jilani said Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s Indian visit was an internal matter of Afghanistan.

To another question, he said like other countries India and China also enjoyed close ties, “as every country enjoys relation with other countries at different levels”.


  1. Means again failed foreign policy made by previous government will continue which brought Pakistan to second most unpopular country in the world.So what is difference between new and past government if polices are same?. Especially foreign policy.Old polices need to be changed because it have given nothing to Pakistan but disaster.

    • How true. A failed and humilating foreign policy where Pakistan is ignored when not simply insulted and pushed around is to remain.

      The Pakistani nation never learn from history. They have elected the same group of idiots that with the PPP in the 1990s reduced us to an international pariah.

      Enjoy the next 5 years of slide into chaos. We could have had a new start and a new set of policies if only the people had voted PTI

  2. What exactly is the reason of holding elections. "Changing of the thieves" The term of office is too long. It should be 3 years max.

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