UK soldier beheaded in London street by men ‘chanting Allah Akbar’


British Prime Minister David Cameron has called a meeting of his government’s emergency Cobra security committee after the killing of a British soldier in London.

Britain’s government convenes Cobra meetings only to deal with incidents that have implications for national security.

Cameron said that there were “strong indications” that a killing in London was terror-related. “It is the most appalling crime,” Cameron said, before cutting short a visit to Paris.

“The police are urgently seeking the full facts about this case but there are strong indications that it is a terrorist incident.”

Media reports said the soldier was killed in the incident in the Woolwich district in the southeast of the British capital.

Two attackers with knives killed a man on Wednesday on the streets of London, witnesses said. They described the weapons as machetes or meat cleavers. Onlookers described the man as being “beheaded”.

The Express reported that a Whitehall source claimed the men were heard to shout ‘Allah Akbar’ as they attacked the victim in broad daylight.

Police responded, shooting and injuring the two attackers in the south-eastern district of Woolwich, Metropolitan Police commander Simon Letchford said.

“The prime minister says the killing in Woolwich is truly shocking and he has asked the home secretary [internal affairs minister] to chair a Cobra meeting,” his office told Reuters.

“A number of weapons were reportedly being used in the attack, and this included reports of a firearm,” police said in a statement.

Security was tightened in the area immediately after the incident. Helicopters hovered above and nearby roads were sealed off by the police.

Earlier, a teacher at a local school told the BBC he saw a body on the road and afterwards heard gunshots.

Photographs posted on social media showed at least two people on the ground who appeared to be injured, but no further details were immediately available.


  1. we have gone mad, there is an external hand at work, otherwise we are simple innocent and god fearing people. we need to find out who is playing this game

    • What is funny in it that makes you say lol ?????? Do you sick headed Paki understand that mocking others is not going to help u ???? Laugh and laugh more…

  2. kindly refrain from inciting Islamophoia by posting unconfirmed and unauthenticated statements as headlines specially when it can lead to discrimination against a particular group of the population hereby referring to Muslims living in the UK

    • Yes, forget the butchered white Christian. He is not worth it. Just consider how many Muslims in England could have their feelings hurt by this.

    • Sure…how sensitive…shame on you…instead of condeming it start blaming others for Islamophobia….as if after every terror attack by Muslims..the whole world should issue apologies to Muslims…

  3. Its Sad,but ofcourse the media and the govt will exploit it to demonise muslims,when they kill millions muslims its not christian terror ,when any one reacts or with just unconfirmed report ,flooding of islamophobia starts

    • Islam's history is full of such incidents. Even, the muslims did not spare descendants of the Holy Prophet, Hasan and Hussain. They were cruelly murdered in Karbala by the muslims themselves. It s not a surprise.

      •… …. LAZIM, it was 2 person…u cant blame the whole religion…….correction is what we need……since last couple of centuries islam and muslim ummah has suffered the most…… Britishers still have STOLEN Kohinoor,,,,,,,they must apologize and return it back………….what about PROTESTANT and CATHOLICS killing each other…….what about IRA, what about HINDU fundamentalism BJP party……….and what about mass massacre of innocent Muslims in MAYANMAR……this world is going crazy……THE MORE YOU PUT SOMEONE TO WALL, THE HARDER THEY REPEL..

  4. To deal with such religiously inspired terrorism,UK & Europe.will have to take tough measures.Mad dogs are not afraid of being jailed.They will have to introduce death penalty for terrorist crimes.also they have to flush out mosques & keep them under survellance.Frame laws to close such mosques that breed them.

  5. Acts of terror cannot be condoned because two wrongs don't make a right. Islam teaches tolerance, respect for life (not only life of Muslims) and appeals for consensus building (ijtehad).

    It is in part the job of local minority communities to ensure that perpetrators are identified and reported to law enforcement authorities.

  6. i condemn such acts but its not good to blame any specific religion for it. respect other religions and criticise in a decent manner.


  8. regardless of who is responsible i am NOT happy with what has happened to the British man but amazed at how one British death causes such alarm around the world.. yet the daily bombings of Muslims & their consistent genocide including women & children in places like Myanmar seems to continue in silence..

    when you're hit you cry foul yet you let wrongdoing continue all around the world & watch in silence, shame on you to say the least

  9. its not race that is to blame its religion i wish ppl would stop bringing race into it cuz any race can be muslim, my prayers go out to to the soljaz family r.i.p

    • Stacey, its not religion either. At a macro level, its regions where immigrants come from. There is a reason why people leave their birthplaces. But its hard to leave culture behind. I will say again, this has nothing to do with race OR religion, but culture. It is the culture that paved the way for social deterioration in our homelands which we had to flee and move to the West. Many of us continue to cling to the old culture. Why? Vanity…

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