SC tells caretaker government who is boss, cancels all appointments, transfers


Intervening in the bureaucratic deadlock between the caretaker government and the country’s powerful administration, the Supreme Court on Wednesday cancelled all appointments and transfers of officers made by the government in the three months of their tenure.

The SC also directed the attorney general to get a written answer from the caretaker government regarding the changes made.

According to officials, the primary role of the caretaker setup was to host and oversee elections which were now over.

All transferred or appointed officers will revert back to original postings.

In an unprecedented move, the caretaker government of Balochistan announced the creation of two more districts, Sohbatpur and Lehri, days before its departure.

Sources say the reason for this is not administrative, but political. Dividing the Khosa and Domki strongholds will allegedly benefit both the outgoing caretaker CM Balochistan and the caretaker prime minister.

Caretaker Chief Minister Nawab Ghaus Bakhsh Barozai’s brother lost the elections in Sibi. It is, reportedly, after this incident that the decision to separate Sibi from Lehri was taken to ensure that Barozai retains his seat from Sibi. Hailing from Sohbatpur, caretaker prime minister Khoso was also seen supporting a candidate who eventually lost to Mir Zafarullah Jamali from the Jaffarabad constituency. Khoso, upset at the defeat, reportedly separated Sohbatpur from Jaffarabad district to ensure undivided political influence in the region.


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