PTI MPAs seek full protocol without official authority


The members of parliament (MPAs) elected on Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) tickets and preparing for occupying coveted posts in the upcoming political dispensation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have already begun visiting offices and summoning senior officers to their houses for briefings on relevant issues.

Though Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has yet to notify the names of successful candidates, the enthusiastic PTI MPAs-elect have assumed the charge of things and entitled themselves to the official protocol.

The relevant officials said the MPAs-elect were not authorised to call senior officials or visit government offices unless formal notification of their success was issued.

“This is very unusual and highly unethical that MPAs-elect, who have not been notified yet, conduct visit of the offices or summon officers to their homes for getting information,” said an official.

The officials said ECP was likely to issue formal notification of the success of the MPAs-elect by May 25.

They said the commission would issue notification after completion of due process and once that was done, then they would formally become members of the assembly.

However, the PTI MPAs-elect seem to be in hurry for asserting authority. PTI nominee for the office of the chief minister Pervez Khattak has been enjoying full protocol and was briefed by a team of senior finance department officials on the next fiscal budget on Monday.

Provincial PTI Secretary General Shaukat Yousafzai, who is a candidate for the Information Ministry, visited Lady Reading Hospital on Sunday and inquired after the people injured in twin bomb blasts in Malakand.

Yousafzai, according to the PTI media cell, “warned doctors to provide proper treatment to the injured people.”

Not only PTI but the LRH administration, which was not supposed to do so, also released two photographs showing Yousafzai’s with injured children.

The self-assumed speaker of the provincial assembly, Asad Qaisar of PTI, visited the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Secretariat on Tuesday and addressed officers and officials, PTI media cell said in a statement.

Qaisar had summoned senior officials of the assembly to his private residence for a briefing on functions of the House, according to sources.

“I will run the next assembly like a jirga (tribal council which resolves disputes among the tribes),” said the statement quoted the self-declared speaker, who earlier considered himself favourite for the post of the chief minister. After addressing the assembly secretariat staff, Qaisar visited Peshawar Electric Supply Company’s (PESCO) headquarters and met PESCO chief Tariq Sadoozai.

The cell further said Qaisar issued directives to PESCO staff for completion of main transmission line from Tarbela to Swabi district, his hometown, and end excessive load shedding in the province.

The PTI leader also said he would meet Pesco officers on fortnightly basis to get briefing on issues related to electricity.

Later, he also addressed the party MPAs-elect during a function, where an independent lawmaker announced to join PTI.


  1. But summoning the army chief to his house for a good 4 hours without any notification by the PM in waiting is not unethical and should not be condemned in the same breath.

  2. PML-N has been enjoying the ruling party protocol since the eve of 11 May till now. Nawaz Sharif has been even calling and meeting Indian and Chinese PM. Where is the ethical ground for that according to the above hypothesis?

  3. I love PTI and its vision and i would do my best for its good in any form but whats stated above if its true is not professional and should not have happened and at least should not repeat … they are not experianced enough though …. if PML-N has been enjoying the rulling party protocol since 11 may , tell me anything they have done fair and good … the point is not to do a comparison but to do whats right … the expectations are very high … though i strongly condemn to author to point out this rather then pointing much more bigger problems … yanee … the full fraud election and all … we should concentrate on that first as until we are not even sure about the election process transparency , nothing should be discussed of that outcome..

  4. I think its a non issue. This is commendable that people have started looking into matters a little bit earlier. There are two sides of the coin and I choose to see the positive side.

  5. Great to see PTI people taking it as a non-issue. Best part is they hate PMLN doing it and commenting about that but quite strangely they are doing it just to justify the act of their party. CHANGE?

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