KMC admin for installation of solar powered, LED lights


KMC Administrator Hashim Zaidi has directed Electrical & Mechanical Department to carry out installation work of solar powered lights and LED lights on all big roads and corridors of the city on preferential basis so that non-stop electricity during load shedding in any area could be provided on important roads, corridors and intersections, so that citizens would not have to face any difficulty in night times.
He said that LED lights on newly constructed Jinnah Terminal Flyover were being installed, therefore complete survey of big roads and corridors in different areas should be conducted and condition of street lights should be reviewed. Moreover, out of order street lights should also be repaired and measures taken to light these up with solar powered and LED lights.
Further, Karachi administrator said that the city was a big and international city, therefore along with developing its road infrastructure, usage of latest technology was also necessary. Citizens, due to unavailability of electricity, have to face difficulty in traveling whereas possibilities of street crimes and incidents had also increased.
Meanwhile, policy for saving energy and usage of energy alternate was being adopted in the whole world which provided good results, the administrator said, while adding it was the need of the hour to find out sources to deal with energy crisis like other developed cities of the world in which solar powered lights were on top of the priority list.
Zaidi said that usage of solar powered lights in offices and different organisations should be enhanced and solar powered lights along with corridors should be installed in parks and play grounds.
He said that the city belonged to everyone and it was the responsibility of the citizens to reinstate its lights.
Moreover, he directed officers to review the usage of electricity in KMC offices and if any wastage of electricity was found then stop it immediately so that energy could be saved.
He also said that meetings to review pace of works and lighting up of buildings, play grounds and parks under KMC should be held because it was an important and serious issue being faced in the city.