‘Four-day CNG closure is just too much!’


Motorists desperately sought Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) on Wednesday as the All Pakistan CNG Association went on a strike for an indefinite period due to gas closure for four days a week and ban on gas sale to vehicle of 1000cc and above by the government.

The CNG crisis for vehicle owners has worsened with this strike.

Only a few government gas stations were opened to consumers which were over crowded with long queue of vehicles waiting their turn for CNG.

Munir Ahmed, a taxi driver who was pushing his car along the queue as it had run out of gas said, “We don’t understand how long we have to suffer this miserable situation. We have been waiting for hours in this scorching heat for gas.”

Initially, no government run gas station was entertaining customers, leading to heated words between the two.

Many government officials were also waiting in the long queue saying, “Our cars have become a nuisance and we are fed up with waiting for hours to fill gas in our vehicles.”

The affected citizens requested the government to solve the CNG problem urgently.