PPP delegation visits Imran Khan


A delegation of Pakistan People’s Party on Tuesday visited Imran Khan to inquire about his health.

According to details, PPP delegation visited Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital on the direction of President Asif Ali Zardari.

The delegation comprised former minister Qamar Zaman Kaira, Mansoor Wattoo, Tanveer Ashraf, Ghulam Mohiuddin and Munir Ahmed Khan.

PPP delegation conveyed president’s wishes for his health.

Hours before, President Zardari held telephonic conversation with Khan and inquired after his health.

Zardari discussed overall political situation and issue of alleged rigging in the general elections. He also congratulated Khan for the confidence reposed in him by the voters particularly in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the May 11 elections.


  1. Pakistan is a highly unfortunate country because of its leadership, since the independence day, there has been violence and corruption but non of the leader has ever thought about the welfare of Pakistan, its nation and about the progress in certain fields for a common man there.

    There have been very drastic situations and worse conditions but now it has gone to its height, it looks that now poor nation is just like toys, Leaders have become giant super powers, they are not social workers, they are not serving the nation but their position is dangerously STRONG enough to get any kind of victory through their militant division, our leaders are now most RICHEST politicians of the world, money is just a secondary thing for them, they are HUNGRY for power only.

    The most worse time of Pakistan was the last 5 years govt of PPP, but unfortunately Nawaz Shirif is also responsible for this destruction, he was in position to topple that govt, but he simply closed his eyes and let PPP to dig the roots of Pakistan, actually we the Pakistanis are real unfortunate nation of the world, because non of us is sincere with Pakistan, not only that but most tradegic thing is that still the nation of Pakistan is not PAKISTANI they are Punjabi, Muhajir Balochi, Pathan or Sindhi but you can not find a single PAKISTANI in whole the country.

    Now I am much satisfied that our beloved country will have peace and progress, because now Nawaz Sharif has got a huge victory and already formed his govt without any support from any party, now he can rule the country without any kind of pressure from his coalition parties, not only that but another bright aspect of new politics is in the shape of Imran Khan, a real and honest person, I am sure that now Insha Allah Pakistan will get a better future, poor peoples will get basic facilities and soon there will be a new Pakistan and bright Pakistan.

    Please brothers and sisters, develop a new Pakistan, forget about our personal enmity, work hard to build up a strong and peaceful country, a country which will be a symbol of peace, love, friendship, harmony and progress.

    An overseas Pakistani.
    God bless us.

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