Imran Khan back on his feet


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan is making a speedy recovering and he walked unaided for over 300 meters on Tuesday morning.

Doctors at Shaukat Khanam Hospital said that a specially designed spinal support, or brace had been used to help Imran stand upright.

Imran was able to walk unaided for over 300 metres with the use of the brace. He remained pain-free throughout this time.

The hospital administration said Imran is expected to be discharged from hospital on Wednesday afternoon. However, he would continue to receive regular physiotherapy and was likely to wear the spinal support for some weeks.



  1. Thank God that Imran Khan is back on his feet. I would like to disclose this top secret that his drop from the trolley was not an accident but a conspiracy hatched by Altaf Hussain.

  2. wow how tragic! First the election was forced, now someone is trying to kill Imran Khan! Fear tacit's. May the LORD GOD ALLAH be with Imran Khan and keep him safe from any more assault. Does any one see what is happening in Syria???

  3. We are your support and is there to give more strength to look after yourself and the nation of Pakistan Our best wishes for you God has given you health and strength Keep it up Captain.

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