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Difficult decisions must to scale up power production: CJP

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has remarked that the government would have to take difficult decisions to scale up power production and end load shedding.

He further remarked that the government should evolve such policy on its own and the court would not extend any proposal.

“The woes of the people should come to end and load shedding problem should be sorted out on an emergency basis. Owing to load shedding, factories have been closed down and thousands of people have been rendered jobless,” the CJ said while presiding over a three-member bench that took up the case of power load shedding for hearing on Tuesday.

The NEPRA chairman and energy experts appeared before the court.

PEPCO told the court that non-provision of furnace oil and irregular supply of gas were the main causes behind reduction in production of electricity.

CJP remarked, “You should have taken the steps keeping in view the needs of the future.”

The court said in its order that it was informed of the causes of load shedding and was told that power production was affected due to non-availability of funds and non-supply of furnace oil.

The court ruled, “As far as the gas supply is concerned, it was told that no regular supply of gas was underway and this way the projects stand disrupted and power production is affected. Work is continuing on technical basis in this regard.”

The court was also told that Jamshoro had the potential to generate 1000MW, but it was yielding production of only 285MW.

“If Guddu project’s machinery is repaired, it can yield production from 726 megawatts to 1000 or 1100MW. Improvement can be brought in other projects as well. Load shedding problem will be overcome due to joint efforts,” the court was told.

The court was also told that power production had been improved from 60 to 70 percent through hydro means.

The court said it its opinion, “distribution of power to domestic and commercial consumers be made on equitable and equal basis. Whatever steps are being taken in this regard, the court be informed”.

The court directed PEPCO to present a report before it on further steps aimed at enhancing power production within two weeks.

The hearing of the case was adjourned later.

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