Power crisis worsens as PM springs into action


With the power shortfall intensifying further by climbing up to 6,900MW, Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has jumped into action and directed the Ministry of Finance to immediately release Rs 22.5 billion to the Ministry of Water and Power for provision of fuel to thermal power plants.

Various cities in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan are witnessing outages of 16 to 22 hours a day and the sudden change in weather leading to intense heat has left the people clamouring for a breather.

The situation is particularly pathetic in rural areas of Punjab, where people are getting only a few hours of electricity.

Per the PM’s Monday order, the Ministry of Finance will forthwith release Rs 15 billion for provision of fuel, while another sum of Rs 7.5 billion would be released subsequently to generate additional power to reduce the gap between demand and supply.

The direction was given by the prime minister in an emergency meeting at the PM’s House that reviewed the energy situation in the country.

The prime minister convened the meeting in the backdrop of increased power outages and outcry from the people.

Khoso said his government was committed to assuage the sufferings of the people and to set the wheels of industry in motion.

The prime minister further directed the Ministries of Water and Power, Finance and Petroleum to maintain close liaison and ensure maximum power generation to minimise load shedding.

The meeting was attended by the ministers for water and power, petroleum and natural resources and adviser on finance.

Citizens have for days raising concern against the prolonged, unscheduled load shedding across the country and have expressed severe reservations over the performance of the Water and Power Ministry.

Citizens complained that the people who paid their dues regularly were being victimised due to defaulters of millions of rupees and the corrupt practices of the distribution companies.

The mercury in several parts of the country has already touched the fifty centigrade mark.


  1. Why the Caretaker P.M is so much negligect of common man`s severe problems of electricity,if he cannot do any betterment for the public,let him go home and enjoy a retired life with his kids.Why he is so much unaware of public basic problems Allah has awarded him 5 senses,is he using all his Allah-gifted blessings for the general public.Or he is only interested to have solutes and honours for him everytime.Dear P.M this is not the perfect duty awarded to you.on the Day of Justice,you will be asked for all your activities and actions given you to how serve the poor public.Mr.Khoso wakes up and see how innocent ibfants,helpless elders are suffering the peoblems and how their daytoday are going on be public servant and not try to act as the previous dictators have done their jobs and severely they will be sealt for their works.

  2. let the guest actors go to their homes so that the real representatives take over the charge. I wonder wy the president is not summoning the nation assembly

  3. How unfortunate that we still have people in this country who like an ostrich keep voting same people again and again.
    They ruled Punjab for 5 years have they solved your energy problem in Punjab? If not then which of the problem have they solved, electricity, education, over population control or security? Guess none. Their patronage for banned org is exemplary.
    We are facing many problems but they will only keep doing road works only …

    Stealing and defaulting billions is not a crime. Even after stealing the money and elections as the SC determined, Sharif brothers are still Ameen and Sadiq.

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