Pakistan will defeat India: Ajmal


Pakistan’s master spinner Saeed Ajmal claimed that his team is capable of beating India in the forthcoming ICC Champions Trophy.

Talking to private news channel, Saeed Ajmal said that although both sides were very strong, but the Pakistani team would handles the pressure.

He said that Pakistan has the psychological advantage having defeated India in its own backyard in the one-day series and he was confident that Pakistan team would defeat them in Birmingham.

Ajmal was of the view that Pakistan’s preparations for the Champions Trophy were going in a great spirit and team will fight hard for sure.

Ajmal praised the innovative idea by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for holding training camp in Abbottabad adding that the camp was very enjoyable and very well organized.

“The wickets in Abbottabad were very conducive to seam bowling and batsmen got a feel of what they could expect in England during the Champions Trophy.

Undoubtedly, it would be beneficial for them as the wickets were prepared to replicate English conditions,” he added.

To a question, he said that the rule changes by ICC have made life even tougher for spinners in one-day cricket. Fast bowlers have been given the luxury of being allowed to bowl two bouncers in an over in one-day cricket, but the rule changes have definitely made life tougher for spinners.

Commenting about Misbah’s captaincy Ajmal said that Misbah was an excellent captain and not a defensive captain. He knows how to handle the talent and youngsters in the team and how to make them perform.

To a question, magician spinner said that he does not see any new innovations in future in bowling saying that conventional off break, the Doosra, the Teesra, the straighter one and the quicker one are the core of the spin bowling and he can not think of any other varieties and off break bowler can add in future.

Ajmal articulated that top eight teams in the world will be competing in the tournament and competition will be tough.

Being confident about Pakistan’s victory in forthcoming Champions Trophy, he said that Pakistan has six matches ahead of its first game so that gives plenty of time to get the team balance right and establish a settled starting eleven.


  1. I am Pakistani team fan but I am ashamed that pakistani teams make these claims before the match, but when it comes to the game they are unable to perform over and over….best thing to do is keep your mouth shut, be humble and perform on the field…it is very simple….when you win we will see then for now focus on your game than bashing around…usually in life people who bash around turn out to be losing…

  2. This clown is a chucker….all the talk of having double joint in his elbow is farcical..he was let-off by ICC because Pakistanis ability to create a furore at the decisions that do not go their way..they straightaway attack integrity of jury…he should be banned from cricket as every second or third ball he bowls is technically a no-ball…

  3. Whatever people call him, he is playing international cricket in front of best ICC panel and without any doubt he is the best around, that's the realty and we should except it, Praise the best don't burn your blood mate, and hope for the best you might find this type of great in coming 15 years because your cricket is 15 years behind Pakistan cricket! Again don't burn your blood.

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