Two Mossad, CIA ‘spies’ executed in Iran




Two Iranian spies working for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israeli intelligence agency Mossad were hanged in Iran on Sunday morning, the state IRIB TV said.

Mohammad Heidari, one of the executed men, had prepared information in a number of security issues of the country and had given them to the Israeli Mossad in several meetings outside of the country, the report said.

Heidari received money in return for the information he had availed to the Israeli Mossad, according to IRIB.

Another convicted man was, reportedly, Kourosh Ahmadi, who also had links with the CIA elements, collected information about Iran in a number of areas and gave them to the CIA.

In the past years, Iranian security and judiciary officials occasionally said that they had arrested locals and non-locals linked to several Israeli and US spying networks.

In 2009, Iran detained three US hikers for illegally entering Iran and espionage charges. The female hiker, Sarah Shourd, was freed in 2010 on a bail of 500,000 US dollars, and the other two, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, were released in September 2011, also on a bail of $500,000 each.

In May 2012, an Iranian court sentenced 13 people found guilty of involvement in espionage activities for the Israeli intelligence agency.

Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolution Court stated that the convicts had been lured into spying for the Mossad by overseas-based satellite television networks and clever advertisement campaigns.

In the month, the Islamic republic hanged an Iranian man convicted of assassinating an Iranian nuclear physicist.

Iran accused Israel of assassinating its nuclear scientists, and blamed the United States for being behind the terror acts against Iranian scholars.

In December 2011, the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a travel advisory, warning its citizens who intended to travel abroad against falling into “traps” set by Western intelligence organisations.

The ministry advised all citizens who intended to travel abroad to refuse financial, job, trade, residential, citizenship offers and other tempting offers made by strangers, and consult lawyers or Iran’s embassies abroad.

Earlier in November 2011, Zohre Elahian, an Iranian lawmaker, said Iran had been surrounded by Western spying centres near its borders in neighbouring countries.

The espionage bases were tasked with organising terrorist actions and intelligence operations against Iran and its citizens, said Elahian.


  1. So the revolution court determined that these people were lured into spying by watching television channels and advertisements?…it is clear that Iranian mullahs will not tolerate anyone who may have thoughts different than theirs…what an oppressive society…

    • Are that stupid that you do not know the difference between "have thoughts different than theirs" and being "Spies"?

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