Payday for thieves


Unknown thieves robbed a house in Thana Sihala jurisdiction on Sunday, stealing cash and household goods worth millions of rupees.

House owner Ajmal Riaz informed the police regarding the incident while another robbery at Thana Bhara Kahu’s Dhok Gillani occurred in Muhammad Sadiq’s house, where unknown thieves robbed him of his laptop and other household items worth Rs 70,000.

Further, another robbery in sector G-10 deprived Muhammad Akram of his car costing Rs 1.5 million which was parked in front of his house.

The police also registered a case relating to fraud in car procurement.


  1. This is so unfair that some people simply work hard in order to buy stuff and others choose to simply go and rob houses! Such people have to be punished. As really I once took out a pay day loan in order to buy some necessary supply for my apartment and the next day I got robbed, so I was basically repaying for things that did not exist any longer. Who is to blame? I think that society which has created certain circumstances.

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