MQM condemns Khan’s ‘hate speech’, vows protest



  • Farooq Sattar says party to hold peaceful protests in and outside Pakistan
  • All legal options being considered against PTI chief
  • Protests held in Karachi, tension prevails in Hyderabad


The post-election war of words between the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) is set to intensify as the former announced holding “peaceful” protest demonstrations in and outside Pakistan against “baseless” accusations hurled by Imran Khan over the murder of senior party leader.

Khan on Saturday night pointed a finger at the MQM chief and the British government who he said were “directly responsible” for the murder of his female party worker outside her house in DHA.

The MQM’s statement, announced by party’s Rabita Committee Deputy Convenor Dr Farooq Sattar, came in response to Saturday’s allegation of the PTI chief.

Reacting to Saturday’s tirade of PTI chief, Dr Sattar said his party would hold protest demonstrations in and outside Pakistan to record its “peaceful” protest against the baseless allegations the PTI chief that he had hurriedly levelled against his party chief following assassination of “Zahra Apa”.

“MQM Rabita Committee has decided to wage peaceful protest demonstrations in and outside Pakistan against the intolerance shown by Imran Khan that hurt the feelings of millions of supporters of Altaf Hussain,” he told reporters at Nine Zero.

Legal experts of MQM, he said, were also weighing various options to move against Khan.

“We condemn the brutal murder of Zahra Shahid Hussain, but Imran Khan’s jumping to the conclusions without waiting for initial findings lays bare his political immaturity. Khan’s statement would undermine the probe into the murder. Also his remarks are tantamount to provocation,” Sattar added.

Earlier, dozens of MQM supporters gathered at Ayesha Manzil to stage a sit-in in favour of Altaf Hussain, who they said was the only true leader of the nation.

The protesters, holding MQM’s party flags and placards, demanded Khan tender an apology for baselessly accusing their leader for Zohra’s murder.

“We protest against the statement of Khan,” read a placard.

Sattar also said the accusations levelled by PTI Chairman Imran Khan against the MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain came even before complete details of the murder incident had became known.

“We will protest against Khan’s hateful comments by peacefully demonstrating in Pakistan and abroad. We will explore our democratic options to protest and won’t respond hate-filled comments with hate,” Sattar added.

“Imran Khan has blamed us for spreading terror in Karachi. If we didn’t know any better, we’d also be getting blamed for Imran Khan’s accident.”

Sattar condemned Zahra Shahid’s murder and demanded an early arrest of culprits.

He urged all the political parties to avoid issuing such statements and to work jointly for the uplift of the country. Farooq warned that such statement could affect Karachi’s law and order situation.

Meanwhile, unidentified men resorted to aerial firing in Hyderabad early on Sunday, causing fear and tension in the city.

According to reports, unknown gunmen attacked the house of PTI leader Usman Kennedy and set his two vehicles on fire.

There were also reports of heavy firing in Latifabad, Hyderabad Chowk, Paka Qila, Station Road and other areas.

All business centres, petrol pumps and CNG stations were closed immediately after the firing.

Unknown assailants also attacked a Lahore-bound train and injured its driver.

The gunmen opened fire and pelted stones at the Pakistan Express train within the jurisdiction of Tando Yousuf police station, leaving the train driver injured.


  1. Pakistan needs unity among all political parties.

    It’s very important,that we stop nw-calling,stop accusing

    others without concrete proof.

    Pakistans political culture needs to change and change now

    • MQM is a criminal enterprise!
      MQM is a criminal enterprise!
      All MQM leaders should be questioned separately, to determine if there is complicity,
      If they are trying to obstruct justice, if they ordered the hit.
      If proper interrogation methods are pursued, the authorities should be able to determine those who aided and abetted in this heinous act!
      Extradite, the mentally unbalanced and emotionally unbalanced thug from London!
      In the meantime, CJ Chaudhry should issue a restraining order to all TV channel not to broadcast Altaf Hussin's madness onpublic airwaves Now!

      • Entire Pakistan running under criminal justice system and you also the creation of crime. We are lover of our beloved Quaid and nobody can separate us through any conspiracy. In the past you tried to separate us but your efforts have gone in vain. CJ chood dhari can't issue any such order, by it self it is a crime to put ban on
        Freedom of expression. Supposed according to your wish he pass order, do you think any channel can run in the sindh.

      • (Replying to act now). Entire Pakistan running under criminal justice system and you also the creation of crime. We are lover of our beloved Quaid and nobody can separate us through any conspiracy. In the past you tried to separate us but your efforts have gone in vain. CJ chood dhari can't issue any such order, by it self it is a crime to put ban on
        Freedom of expression. Supposed according to your wish he pass order, do you think any channel can run in the sindh.

  2. Imtankhan is kaafir gadaar firangi all haraam ..may curses of allah be upon him and other kaafirs..he is mad a d bad for pakistan.. SAch haq means nothing to kaafirs..

    • Absolutely right I regard your feelings, but he is more than that what you may think. A rapist, gambler, drinker, he doesn't has a sence to differentiate haram halal and used to eat pork when he was in London, a man who has this all ability then he doesn't care for marring with a none Muslim ,are ou happy now.

      • Ohooo you seem to be a the typical dumb moron Pakistani who doesn't even understand the basic tenets of Islam. Does your stupid ignorant ass know that when a muslim man marries a non muslim woman, she doesn't have to convert. When a muslim woman marries a non muslim MAN, HE has to convert! So Imran used to drink and party – so? Did you hear Altaf's speech the other day from his brothel in London – He was wasted!!! Imran at least has the decency to live in his country, pay taxes here and not talk about breaking Karachi from Pakistan like drunk moron taxi driver of NYC did while he was high on scotch and cocaine. Get a life!! I know plenty of friends and family in Karachi who tell me about the open terrorism of Muttahida Qatil Movement!

        • (Reply to pakone) O you ass whole, our religion is not that simple as you think, you stupid need to study in-depth before teaching others. Imran Khan is the most corrupt and wicked person, do you think a narrow minded person can run the country, idiot you know nothing about MQM, may be your friends from karachi are criminal minded like you, mirror reflect your true picture.

      • Oh and a "rapist"? really?? How come there are no rape charges against him anywhere in the world?? LOL – you are a joke of human.

    • Yes, IK is ghaddar. True patriots live in london and address people via telephone links. They also run extortion rings remotely. Sure signs of love for their motherland.

  3. Ulta choor kotwaal ko dantey…wah wah..Mqm is destroyed Karachi. They started well and did some good work , but then they became corrupt. PTI is a new power at the federal level. They have more seats tha MQM and a govt. in KPK. MQM is jealous because due to their ghunda gardi, they have not been able to form govt in sindh.

    • (Replying to mus) If unfortunately IMRAN comes in power on federal level then the day of end of country can count on your finger tips.

  4. The true face of the MQM is known to those who live in Karachi.

    A botched police investigation, handicapped and ultimately silenced by political considerations does not impress us.

    An endless judicial probe that sits for decades without producing a report is also not likely to impress.

    The MQM has blood on its hands.

  5. It is quite clear that MQM is not democratic but a fascist party, not willing to see and accept the change in its mandate.

  6. I wonder if Dr Farooq goes to sleep at night hoping that Altaf will still 'love' him in the morning?

    We all know what happens to those Altaf no longer 'loves'.

  7. MQM and peaceful protests. Are they joking? Do they think that people are fools like the gangster Altaf Hussain? It's pathetic that Pakistani politicians, governments, agencies have not been able to reign these coat wearing terrorists.

  8. MQM should read writing on the wall, people are fed up of mafia style of democratic party and the leader who stays in London holds british nationality and remotely manage bhata affairs! the sincere and sane leadership of MQM should come forward and take the party in own hands before going down with Altaf and co. MQM could be excellent political force if they shed some goons and militant wing. It will be insane to think that a city like Karachi with high literacy rate can be taken hostage to thug culture for very long.
    Be democratic, be peaceful!

  9. (Replying SA khokhar) If Altaf hussain has British nationality, then why you not? Why you so jealous create such ability to remotely control your party from thousand of km, thanks for your advise to our local MQM administration.

  10. MQM is a declared terrorist organization in Canada. If the govt and judges had any backbone they would have banned his drunk tirades yers ago. Altaf is a coward and a criminal thats why he is hiding in London. If he had any guts, he would have come back to Pakistan, a country he says he loves. He should face the charges against him instead of hiding in London and boasting his bravery and courage.

  11. Wah wah altaf never give hate speeches …abhi me hukum doo mere karkon talwaron se chalni karde ….a very loving speech …lol what a moron

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