Ministry of Railways want Rs 67 billion budget to meet non-development expenses


The Ministry of Railways on Sunday demanded Rs 67 billion from the Finance Ministry to meet its non-development expenditures during 2013-14 fiscal year.

“We have finalised the non-development budget of official expenditures, salaries, pensions and other heads and sent the same to the Finance Division for approval,” said a Railways official said.

He said that the federal government had been requested to allocate Rs 47 billion while Rs 20 billion would be generated by the department form its own resources.

The government had allocated Rs 31 billion last year on account of grants for Pakistan Railways to meet its losses and Rs 22.87 billion for 37 development projects.

The officials said that around Rs 2 billion had been allocated for procurement of 50 DE locomotives, Rs 5.7 billion for procurement of 202 new the Design Passenger Carriage, Rs 2.5 billion for replacement of old and obsolete signal gear from Lodhran Khanewal-Shahdara Bagh Main Line section and other projects.