Power shortfall exceeds 6,200 MW


Increase in electricity loadshedding in cities across the country has adversely affected the lives of citizens besides creating water shortage and halting commercial activities as electricity shortfall has increased to 6,200 megawatts.

According to PEPCO, electricity shortfall has increased to 6,200 megawatts.

Population of the urban areas has to witness 14 hours of loadshedding while duration of loadshedding has reached 18 hours in rural areas.

Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Rawalpindi and adjoining areas are the worst effected.

Citizens have expressed concern over the prolonged power outages and complained that people who pay their dues regularly were being victimized due to defaulters of millions of rupees and the corrupt practices of the distribution staff.


  1. The new government should immediately disconnect connections of the defaulters and recover dues from the once who have brought us to this dair stage.

  2. Is there any programme for the restoration of electricity crisis in Pakistan. What about the siltations in Turbela dam and Mangla dam. Is there any project for emptying the dam. Or have Pakistan any other alternative source to overcome the shortfall in the country.

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