Army to be deployed at 43 Karachi polling stations today


While Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the MQM are at odds over repelling in 43 polling stations in Karachi’s National Assembly constituency NA-250 today(Sunday), a comprehensive security plan has been devised to ensure smooth conduct of the polls.
The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that army would be deployed at the 43 polling stations.
As per the security plan, 3500 security personnel will discharge their duties; 22 policemen, eight to 10 Rangers officials and six to eight army personnel would be deployed at the each polling station.
40 polling stations are located in the South Zone while the other three are in the East Zone out of total 43 polling stations.
300 policemen and 800 army and Rangers personnel would be deployed in the South Zone while 275 policemen and 100 army and Rangers soldiers would be deployed in the East Zone.
The ECP on Friday rejected MQM’s plea for conducting re-elections in the entire constituency and stuck its stance of holding repelling at 43 polling stations.

The MQM decided to boycott the elections in only 43 polling stations.


  1. If army were deployed during elections then today we might have not seen such situation .Also if there were free and fair elections especially in Karachi and Hyderabad then peoples might be free from MQM terrorists hijacked both cities.

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