I don’t want fame anymore: Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton has claimed that she is not interested in fame any more and wants to focus on being a ‘tough business woman’ and establishing her own chain of hotels. The 32-year-old star said that she has lost all interest in fame since an intruder tried to break into her Los Angeles home with a knife in August 2010, Contactmusic reported. She said that she is determined to follow the footsteps of her family and wants to develop her own successful chain of hotels. Talking about the unfortunate incident, she told The Sun newspaper that it was a terrifying experience, something that she had never experienced before and that it shook the foundations of her world. The ‘House of Wax’ star said that she was certain that he would kill her if he got inside. “Seeing someone with such hate in their eyes-someone who wants to kill you makes you question things, and it made me wonder about the price of fame,” she said. She revealed that after the attack, she decided to withdraw from the public eye before anything worse happened, and even stopped going to clubs and parties and installed a high security system at home.