HEC eases degree attestation by hiring more staff, expanding office


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Friday finalized arrangements to expand its existing space and hire more officials to make the degree attestation process easier.

HEC Chairman Dr Javed R Laghari said that the decision was taken after a meeting with the relevant officials and would be implemented by June 1.

He said that the commission was also going to hire more courier companies to avoid delays in sending or receiving degrees from other countries for attestation.

He said that degree verification had gained importance and was now an essential requirement for overseas Pakistani for jobs or further studies.

Laghari said that 500 to 1000 people had visited HEC for degrees attestation and were made to wait a week for their task due to low manpower and insufficient space, but now people would now be able to get their degrees attested within three or four days or in one day if required urgently.

The chairman told that the HEC had recently attested around 40,000 degrees which had been pending. He also said that the charges will be increased nominally only for the urgent process.