CDA’s Fire and Disaster Management a disaster

The Capital Development Authority (CDA)’s Fire and Disaster Management department is losing its utility and effectiveness because of negligence by the top officials.
According to CDA officials the Fire and Disaster Management department was specialised, therefore, a signed affidavit clearly informing that the post was non-transferable was taken from the firemen when they were recruited. They said that 214 firemen were hired in 2007, eight in 2009, 30 in 2012 and 50 in 2013, but 65 of them changed their cadre and become LDC, UDC or assistant.
Some of the firemen were also attached to other departments, while officers were transferred to other departments. Training Deputy Chief Imaduddin was transferred to estate management deputy director, and Physical Instructor Muhammad Iqbal was made enforcement deputy director, the officials added.
The officials held that the CDA chairman should take notice of the situation and return all transferred staff back to the Fire and Disaster Management department.