Kerry to arrive with new drone plan next month



The United States is likely to offer Pakistan its plan to resolve the contentious drone attacks’ issue with a proposal to limit attacks, and US Secretary of State John Kerry would discuss its details with the would-be prime minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Islamabad after the formation of a new Pakistani government.

Kerry is all set to visit Pakistan soon after Nawaz takes oath as the prime minister, diplomatic sources said.

They said Kerry would discuss the US exit strategy for Afghanistan with the new Pakistani leadership, which envisages withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from the war-torn country by 2014.

“The Obama administration is anxious to begin its talks on Afghanistan reconciliation process with Nawaz and the other senior officials of his government as soon as possible and that is why it has decided to send Kerry to Pakistan soon after new rulers take over in Islamabad,” a source said, seeking anonymity.

Nonetheless, he said the US administration also knew the problems in relations with Pakistan and felt the need to settle the contentious issue of drone attacks in Pakistani Tribal Areas, therefore, the problem would be discussed in detail when Kerry arrived in Islamabad.

In the past, there had been reports about a secret agreement between Pakistan and the US for carrying out drone strikes in the Tribal Areas, but sources said Pakistani officials denied the impression strongly and wanted the US to halt the attacks completely.

A source said Kerry was expected to make an offer to Pakistan about the reduction in number of strikes, telling Pakistani officials that attacks would be carried out against high-value targets of al Qaeda and the Taliban only and in limited numbers.

However, he said it would be a daunting task for Kerry to impress upon Pakistani authorities to accept the plan. “Pakistani officials want cessation of drone strikes and that had been conveyed to Washington several times in the past,” the source said.

Another source said Kerry would also seek afresh Pakistan’s help for the success of Afghanistan reconciliation process and ask for the use of Islamabad’s ‘good offices’ to bring the Afghan Taliban to the table of negotiations.

“The US Secretary would discuss with Pakistani leadership the ongoing row and tensions between Islamabad and Kabul and he would urge both to improve their strained ties,” he said.

A Pakistani official said authorities expected Kerry’s visit at some point during the next month after the formation of new government.

He said Pakistani officials would discuss all issues of bilateral interest with Kerry and hoped that the visit would help bring further improvement in bilateral ties.


  1. Kerry to arrive with new strategy for new govt to fool the Pakistanis with new innovative techniques made by CIA and US senators.

  2. Totally agree with your view Nazia, Kerry will come with the CIA’s latest box of tricks, and Mr Sharif will agree with his old white house masters! Disgrace – only Imran Khan who is well presented and organised had the courage to stand up to the Americans because he is well educated, he is well updated to international laws, he knows his countries rights and loves country and fellow Pakistanis. But the dumb people of Lahore – Raw wala, Dood wala, Rickshaw wala, mango wala and gosh wala still kept the old trend and voted for chor Sharif!

    • Yes we know that our leadership is controlled by CIA and in case of hung parliament i,this type of obedience become mandatory for ruling groups but now Sharif has good chance to take steps for Pakistani favor giving US green signal that Pakistani people can revolt if further US plans will be floated in the system.Here is need of IK's politics who along with JI can mobilize people even for minor matters related to war on terror.So now the ball is in hands of politicians to take out Pakistanis from this mess and no reason of obeying US plans can justify Sharif stance in this regard.

  3. Actually Kerry is coming with two things; a big stick and a small carrot .

    He will wave the small carrot while hitting us on the head with the big stick.

    GOD help us all!

  4. as long as pakistanis are not going to increase taxes on jagirdars and moneyed people we will not be independent and would continue to lick the white man's ass.

  5. Shame on Nawaz and shame on Kerry visit…down with puppets and down with foreign aggressors! This is really unfortunate to have thugs and corrupt idiots back in their ruling seats in Islamabad…may allah help pakistani's against this dark and selled out so called PML-N leadership and government. Musharraf-Zardari-nawaz…same beads of the same loop!

  6. Let's get past the niceties. What does the drone do? Kill people. So call it by what it is. Kerry is coming with a new plan to kill people – Pakistani people, civilians, men and women – old and young – and children who are living in their own homes and going about their daily lives. Their deaths, their killings are called collateral death.

    And if the drones were as accurate as they are claimed to be why were 5 years not enough to kill all the high value targets of a rag-tag band poorly trained and ill-equipped.

  7. Ya same approach slow poisining, first they will decrease Drone strikes and then increase again slowly; ultimate result same situation as was in previous Govt.

    Future Plans: They will quit Afghanistan in 2014, then refresh and focus on pakistan by blaming that oho actual culprit is Pakistan's FATA reagion and then will attack directly that area, even though over Govt is fully supportive to them in each step they took.

  8. Do Americans have any other alternative but to get out of the region?Mr NS is lucky to be in government to take the credit of what he did not initiate.It is hoped that he does not fall for money and lose the advantage that time has given to him.

  9. Hahaha……….Guess what Mr. Shareef will say – Yes Sir, Yes Sir……….. Can he understand English or speak English except these two words? Hahaha……… I had a dream if great IK was there and then I think Americans could never come to fool us.

  10. ABC of Pakistan (A—Army B—-Bureaucracy C— Citizens)
    Our drone plan should be ELECTRICITY. The Power Generation & Supply should be provincial & not federal subject worldwide.
    WAPDA has failed to delivered so we must change or hand over the power sector to international power companies as telecom industry

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