Nawankot police arrest eight robbers


CIA police Nawankot on Tuesday arrested eight robbers from different areas of the city on Tuesday.
According to details, CIA Inspector Fayyaz along with police raided a house on a tip-off in the Yateem Khana area. Inspector Fayyaz got the tip that a criminal named Zeeshan along with his accomplices were planning a robbery. The CIA police raided at the house and arrested Zeeshan. Later, the police also arrested his other accomplices from different areas of the city on information he provided.
The police arrested seven robbers, identified as Faheem Khan, Ifran, Asif, Chota Asif, Waris, Saleem and Kashif. The police said that the criminals were wanted in more than 100 robberies, murders and kidnappings across the city. The police claimed to have seized Rs, 3,400,000 in cash, laptops, seven pistols and dozens of bullets from them.
During interrogation, Zeeshan confessed to 61 robberies.
Inspector Fayyaz said Zeeshan also confessed to a robbery in Johar Town a few days ago from where they stole a cupboard and later took it to Okara and broke it at the house of Aziz and Rizwan.
Fayyaz said Aziz and Rizwan were murdered in 2012 in a shootout. Moreover, Inspector Fayyaz said that the widows of Aziz and Rizwan were running the gang. The women, however, fled from the scene when the police raided at their houses.