Killing by Rangers: heirs pardons officials


In a surprise decision, the brother of Sarfaraz Shah, who was killed by the Rangers personnel two years ago, has pardoned all the culprits.

Sarfaraz was killed by the Rangers in Clifton and the entire episode was recorded by a cameraman of a private television, triggering denunciation from all sections of the society and raising question over the deployment of a paramilitary force in the metropolis.

The court had awarded death sentence to Shahid Zafar, the official who shot Sarfaraz and awarded life sentence to the other five. Besides they had been fined Rs 200,000 each.

In the latest development, Salik Shah, Sarfaraz’s brother, moved the court asking it to pardon the culprits involved in murder of his brother.

Per the Islamic code of law, heirs of the victim can forgive the culprits with or without asking for blood money.