Altaf could face legal action, says British high commissioner



British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson on Wednesday said the British government had taken notice of the statement made by a Pakistani-origin British citizen and chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain, saying Altaf could face legal action if allegations against him were proven.

Addressing a media gathering at the UK High Commission, Thomson said legal action would be initiated against Altaf Hussain if allegations regarding his statements proved correct.

Thomson confirmed that the British Metropolitan Police had received several complaints against an alleged statement of the MQM chief in which he asked for separation of Karachi from Pakistan and threatened protesters.

He noted that, “the second thing is, is that unlike some countries in the world, the British police are fiercely independent of British government. And it is for the British police to investigate allegations of incitement to violence or incitement to hatred. And to make a judgement on whether they can bring a successful prosecution”.

“Of course we are well aware of Altaf Hussain’s remarks immediately after the election. We received quite a number of representations on them. More to the point, the London Metropolitan Police have been flooded with complaints from both Pakistani and British citizens about those remarks,” the high commissioner said.

“What we say,” Thomson stated, “is that wherever somebody has a concern that hatred or violence is being incited, that one community or another is being turned against others, this should be reported to the police. And I know that they take such allegations very, very seriously indeed.”

He said, “Well you have to go through the whole extradition process for that. And as you know, that is complicated in the UK Pakistan case as there is no extradition treaty. It does not make it impossible, but it does make it quite difficult,” Thomson added.

Thomson said thousands of complaints were sent to the London Metropolitan Police through e-mails, and phone calls, after the MQM chief addressed his supporters in Karachi where he allegedly threatened PTI supporters who were protesting against rigging, however, he said that the MQM chief had denied that he had given such comments.

The MQM chief’s statements created uproar across the country, after which the party clarified saying Altaf’s statements were rhetorical and misinterpreted by the media.

To the recent general elections in the country, British envoy was of the view that polls were overall held in a satisfactory manner.

Elaborating further, he mentioned that it was highly encouraging that all Pakistanis stood united for the sake of democracy and clearly rejected terrorism and violence.

The UK high commissioner official expressed confidence that these elections would play an important role in the development of Pakistan.

Thomson congratulated Nawaz Sharif on his victory and pledged to strengthen Pak-UK ties.


  1. Its sad that Altar Hussain MQM Leader living in Uk incited rude and incited his party members in Karachi. Perhaps he forgot that he is a UK Citizen and his acid will be taken seriously. His suggestion and call to desperate Karachi from Pakistan. He tried to create hatred against other parties As far as I know this act. Is against the laws of United Kingdom and is punishable and could land in jail

  2. The Brits will probably put him behind bars; Not out of conviction that what he has done / said is wrong. But to create turmoil and promote an uprising in Karachi. Its part of the larger plan ……………. !

  3. Free port Karachi ……………..just like Hong Kong and Singapore. I think , it is a good idea……..

  4. He should and more Pakistan should ban any exiled leader to speak to parties in Pakistan. We need home grown leadership not "Bhagorraas"


  6. This man, Altaf Hussain has a long history of creating chaos and terror in Karachi. This man is responsible for thousands of innocent lives that were ruthlessly taken in riots and violence's on his direct orders at different point in his life when he was still residing in Pakistan. Any body who loves Pakistan will agree that Altaf Hussain is not patriotic nor he cares about Pakistan. UK should show the world how strong they are and this terrorist(Altaf Hussain) cannot escape British justice system. He should be prosecuted and sent away for good.

    • Then why does he have so much support??? I understand what you are saying and I agree but its mind boggling how he's still able to control things from so far away and and and he manages to win seats,other parties making deals with MQM and threaten parties and even the government.What is so special about him??? If he is so bad and everyone knows that he is the person getting people killed,why is he still living like a king abroad while Sindh has turned into Baghdad.Someone help me understand.

      • Yup that shows how much power this man has and having said that he definitely has a backing of few powerful countries, but sooner or later he will be put to trial, if not in this world then we all know he wont be getting away from God's punishment. It is mind boggling indeed
        how this man has been able to get away from accountabilities so far….

  7. Pakiztan should weed out MQM and Altaf's so-called ideology from its land. Every one knows about following facts:

    MQM is a leading terrorist party operates from Karachi capital of Sind.

    Altaf's ideology is supported by Israel.

    MQM is backed by India.

    MQM actually wants to separate not only Karachi, but whole Sind from Pakistan

    Altaf addressed almost two years ago, that his army of 25,000 troops equipped with latest weapons are just waiting for Altaf's orders to cut the Sind from Pakistan.

    Wake up Pakistanis!

  8. I just saw news on GEO that Met Police London says that we are not investigating against Altaf Hussain. So, just please tell us if we start to threat British people and ask someone in UK to kill people in London, then what could be the immediate response of UK Government and what will you assume from our police to act? Even you got the proves as well.
    This is the double standard of western countries including United Kingdom. You are sheltering Altaf Hussain since long and having the sufficient proves you did nothing. UK is also responsible in the crime did and doing by MQM on the orders of Altaf Hussain.

    • I just checked on Geo and there is no such news as London police not taking any action, in fact they are very much looking into this matter. We can only hope for best and hope for justice.

  9. Revoke his citizenship and send him packing here. People of Karachi and Pakistan will take care of him.

  10. He has been let lose for long time Time has come and its right time to deal him under the laws of land. Altar Hussain opened his big mouth intentionally and tries to disrupt the peace of Pakistan. Altar Hussain will face the music. His right place is British Jail where he should spend a few years and let Pakistanis in Pakistan sort out their internal problems. From his. Speech to his party he got into serious trouble. He deserves Jail

  11. Put him in Jail for life and believe me there would a long lasting peace in Karachi. He controls Karachi sitting abroad and his simple and naive followers simply carry out his orders. Karachi please wake up and know what his agenda is.

  12. If anyone in Pakistan or elsewhere think that British Govt or police will take action against Altaf then I think one is living in fools' paradise. Credibility of Brits is at lowest ebb.

  13. Sorry but why is he allowed to even participate in Pakistani politcs being a british citizen? If oversea Pakistani are not allowed to vote then he shouldnt be allowed to participate in politics.

  14. Why should British government take action against him if he makes a statement about Pakistan? If such statements incite violence, then Danish cartoonist should be held guilty. Also, cases should be registered against Mohammad Ali Jinnah, whose Direct Action Day call resulted in millions dead. In the free world, there is something called 'Free Speech'.

    • You are great idiot, know nothing about Mohamad Ali Jinnah, This type of leaders are borns after centuries and like your self thousands per day.Danish Cartoonist and Altaf Hussain are two different things. One was indirectly involved inciting violence and other is directly.

  15. Altaf is a terrorist to start with and later developed an Ethnic party under an agenda. He definitely has foreign support, else how could he be given assylum in UK. Govt. of UK is not so innocent that they had no knowledge prior to granting assylum to a Hate Monger and ethnically biased Altaf Hussain. Now the Govt of UK will face the consequences of their ill deeds. There are millions of Muslims and Pakistani Origin Brits living in UK and the devide that this hate monger created in Pakistan will now be creating similar problems in UK as well. So UK Police, better not drag your feet in this case. Act quicly and recommend sending the culprit back to his original home. We already are used to handling worlds greatest mess created in Pakistan, and InshaAllah we will handle him too. Peiople of Karachi are poisoned by his ethic hatred no doubt, but the poison has not reached to the extent that they will follow him to the extent of seperation from Pakistan. His armed criminal wing is not yet strong enough to act like Mukti Bahni which was working for India in separating East Pakistan(now Bangladesh).
    Long Live Pakistan.

  16. nothing happens, same sort of reaction had seen in 2011 and same sort of hospitalization and sickness was shown after rigid statement.

  17. waiting anxiously waiting for the day when karachi will get freedom from MQM, MQM-H, PEOPLES AMAN COMMITEE. all these parties sould be eradicted at the same time. none should be left to run the city through their criminal ways.

  18. may his soul burn in hell in the blood of all those killings belonging to him directly or in directly……

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