No thanks: Manmohan turns down Nawaz’s offer


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday declined the invitation of PM-in-waiting Nawaz Sharif to attend his oath taking ceremony as a gesture to further the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Indian media said that it is highly unlikely that Manmohan Singh would visit Pakistan as they would first like to gauge what Nawaz Sharif’s government has to offer on the many issues that remain unresolved.

It should be mentioned that PML-N President, Mian Nawaz Sharif, poised to become prime minister for a third time, had stated on Monday that the mistrust that has long dogged relations with India must be tackled.

He had a “long chat” with Manmohan Singh during which the two exchanged invitations to visit a diplomatic nicety in some parts of the world but a heavily symbolic step for South Asia’s arch-rivals.

Sharif’s power base is Pakistan’s most prosperous province, Punjab, which sits across the border from an Indian state with the same name. A proponent of free market, he wants to see trade between the two countries unshackled, and he has a history of making conciliatory gestures towards New Delhi.

In 1999, when he was last prime minister, Sharif stood at the frontier post waiting to welcome his counterpart – Atal Behari Vajpayee – to arrive on the inaugural run of a bus service between New Delhiand Lahore.

It was a moment of high hope for two countries that were divided amid bloodshed at birth in 1947 and went on to wage war three times in the decades that followed.


  1. PMLN ko sharam nai ati wo humaray prisoners ka wahan murder kar rahay hian aur stupied nawaz shareef inko invitation send kar raha ha.bohat acaha hua in salt hui.issi kay qabil ha PMLN.

  2. I think himself a mature politician but his invitation to Indian Prime Minister to visit Pakistan to participate in his oath taking ceremony was totally wrong step that caused embarrassment for the nation.He must be careful about indians,they can never be our friends.Facts and reality can not be denied.He must pay attention to resolve the most worst internal problems facing Pakistani Nation for many years like loasd shedding,unemployment,corruption and Terrorism. We will see indians later after resoving our inner issues.

    • Its not about Indians can be friends or not, its about what will an outsider do in Pakistan's PM oath ceremony….I mean what business do any outsider has in a foreign country's oath ceremony….It's an internal affair boss. Nawaz should not have called anyone for that ….Ithink he was too excited on his unexpected win and therefore just could not control his excite3ment….Everybody in India is wondering what will Manmohan do in somebody else oath ceremony….Any outsider would look like a complete fool sitting and clapping for Pak PM oath taking ceremony….so think logically, its ridiculous to call a foreign country premier to one's oath taking ceremony….INSTEAD HE SHOULD HAVE CALLED HIS OWN COUNTRY-MEN, SO IT WOULD HAVE LOOKED WORTH PRAISING….

  3. The first of the series of snubs that this dolt will invite in due course. Oath taking is a national affair not his valima i.e., if he gets to taking the oath.

  4. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a PML-N supporter,I'm a overseas Pakistani who was also looking for a change.I see nothing wrong with Nawaz inviting MR.Singh as a good gesture,just like MR.Singh showed courtesy of congratulating him on the win.There is no embarrassment in it,the peace process must start from day one.If the nation is so worried being embarrassed,quit acting like idiots and show some class.We want peace in the region? give it a chance,be positive,everyone wants peace except the uneducated who live in past.

    • Boss its not about good or bad gesture…its about logic….Manmohan called him to congratulate on his win which is absolutely expected and logical….but what will an outsider do in a foreign country's premier's oath ceremony….what role does an outsider have to play there…just to sit and clap….isn't that foolish…Calling Manmohan for discussion on issues etc is very understandable but this is laughable….

  5. M M singh hss been warned by cia that pakis isi shall poison him and that imrankhan shall publically abuse and hurl insults..pakis politicians like imran and othrs are political terrors…pity..imran is kaafir..

  6. Noora aisay nahe sudhray ga , do teen chaparain ore parain ge pher shayad !

  7. The news is written in such a way to sensationalize the whole gesture.. Please read the same in TOI or Dawn…….. Foreign Office told there are no plans of PM's visit as he has not received the invitation.

  8. Some idiots would go to any extent to prove they are not suitable to be where they managed to be after massive rigging.

  9. PMLN ko sharam nai ati wo humaray prisoners ka wahan murder kar rahay hian aur stupied nawaz shareef inko invitation send kar raha ha.bohat acaha hua in salt hui.issi kay qabil ha PMLN.

  10. Manmohan surely cant take this offer as he has seen how we handled Sikhs in last month.One sikh's body was send headless there and 2nd one without kidney lungs etc.So at this age he preferred to cremated on the whole basis cant trust our general or ISI.

    • I thought I smelled something rotten,I should have known you were going to bring your sorry whining no english writing BIG**a**s**s**s**s complaining about the ISI and the army.

  11. I think Mr.Nawaz should invite the PM of Turkey to attend the ceremony.Turkey is a country which has stood by Pakistan always. Both Nawaz and Imran admire it. Let us not turn the oath taking into a media show!

  12. It is immature on part of the advisers who held back Manmohan. past must be forgotten. when the hand is extended one must hold it. there can be a new beginning. manmohan is a delaying master of all decisions. he had harmed the future by his dull, tradition old management of events. that is the reason he earned a very bad name by protecting alll corrupt cabinet ministers. He was a good economist. But a very bad PM . does not have the wisdom of a great leader like Vaipai. i am not a BJP person

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