NA speaker, deputy speaker election to be held through secret balloting


The election of the new speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly (NA) will be held through secret balloting which will be followed by the election for the prime minister.

Per the NA Secretariat, the outgoing speaker or in his absence any person designated by the president will preside over the maiden session of the NA. But a candidate for the office of speaker will not chair the session which is held for the election of speaker. Any member of NA can propose the name of any other member for his election to the post of speaker before 1200 hrs, a day before the polls for speaker take place.

If two or more names are left following the withdrawal of names then any candidate who bags votes more than the overall votes of other candidates will be announced to have been elected as speaker. If he fails to poll more votes than overall votes then balloting will be held afresh. A candidate who secures the minimum votes in previous counting will be struck off from the new balloting.

Any member of NA can propose or second the name of any other Muslim member for the election to the post of prime minister. The speaker will scrutinise the papers in the presence of candidates or their proposers or seconders and he can reject any nomination paper to his satisfaction.

The election of the prime minister will be held with the majority vote among all members of the NA under Article 90 of the constitution. If no candidate gets majority of votes in the first counting, the contest will take place between the two candidates who have bagged maximum votes in first round.