PPP stars crash and burn


The PPP that seemed rudderless in the Punjab during the entire election campaign got the shock of its life after most of its leading stars lost elections, often to much lesser known figures.

Those shown the gates included former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf from Gujar Khan and sons of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, despite them spending lavish funds in their respective constituencies to keep their voters and supporters in good faith.

Other party stalwarts from Punjab who fell from grace included Qamar Zaman Kaira, Nadeem Afzal Chann, Firdaus Asiq Awan, Ahmad Mukhtar and Samina Gurki. Even Aitzaz Ahsan, another big name, could not secure the seat of his wife from NA-124 Lahore despite heavy involvement.

As the results are being announced, it seems the PPP has lost its relevance and primacy in the largest province, with the PTI replacing it in most contests.

According to political analysts, the PPP, with all its leading lights from the Punjab out of the contest and reckoning for the next five year, has pay through its nose for neglecting Punjab in the election.

The party’s image problem and incumbency factor also cost party an arm and a leg in the election.

There was hardly any central party leader to take care of the campaign here.

In Lahore, there was hardly any presence in an otherwise a totally lacklustre campaign.

Even on the poling day, it was missing from the scene, with hardly any party flags, posters, portraits or publicity seen anywhere in the city or streets.


  1. I guess now its nawaz mafia's turn to take whatever is left of Pakistan. I hope kiayani has stashed away his ill gotten millions because nawaz is getting rid of him asap.

    • A very unbalanced statement. The balance was lost in respect of Kyani.

    • We are down but not dead. We shall rise again Inshallah. And one thing dear we are not extremist.

    • i am sad for pakistan and its poor who are not getting the share of there country,and the extra 5 years that they will have to wait for the change in our country,but fear not PTI supporters nawaz will not relish Imran Khan on the opposition bench holding him and his party PML-n to account on their policies
      and yes we are extermely passionote for our country and proud of it and if that makes us exterimist then so be it Brother.

  2. Why people still voted for PML-N, a regressive looking party?It is because of how people perceive the political parties.The common man believes that there are only three blocks of political parties in Pakistan. One army, an unregistered party, two pro army parties and three the army plus ISI aloof parties. PML-N is believed to trim, if not cut to size, army budget and army itself. They perceive that unless the army is tamed, and its perks reduced little budget is left for hospitals education and other sectors. Nawaz Shareef is more like a frightened rat if you believe Musharraf writings. Yet to people he appears a lion, a hope. All other parties appear khaki touts to people in their perceptions. People perceive perhaps wrongly that Imran's tsunami public gatherings were financed by DG ISI (Pasha). They think Imran is a mangta (beggar) who would tow the foreigners' and foreign donors' line. Imran's post election behaviour would prove or disprove perceptions of his political person.

  3. The cunning and scheming Machiavellian Zardari has inadvertently buried peoples party for good in the last five years' corruption and bad governance. The PPP stars which 'crashed' and 'burned' have looted so much in this 'golden era' (Raja Rental's words) that they can live without worrying for anything for their generations to come.

  4. Another Looter and incapable leader who believes in dynasty rule scheduled to rule the country,IA pti will emerge again.

    • inshahAllah P.T.I will emerge as a credible and worthy opposition party to keep and hold the government to account and it is in this role they the ( public) will see the quality of Imran Khan's leadership
      long live Pakistan And best wishes to our leader Imran Khan May Allah keep them safe and well

  5. Nawaz and shahbaz are corrupt and help their family ,their stooges and their mills ,well known fact ,a power lusty nawaz pro-indian and pro-american is back

  6. Its shocking that party's such as PPP still have supporters. Its as if people are are blind to the truth. I truly pray for the lack of morals and values of these people.

    Your friend,
    Ahmed Malik

  7. Election results are an indication of fault lines on ethnicity, which is not a healthy sign for the future of Pakistan. It is sad that family dynastic corrupt rule will once again be the future of Pakistan, with the only change that Bhutto dynasty has been replaced by Shareef clan.

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