White Lies


The ANP hasn’t built anything, said Imran Khan recently at a rally in KP, in a cricket stadium that was built, ironically, by the ANP.
His recent fall was well documented but what few know is that all the king’s men and all the king’s horses who put him back together was the Chaudhrys’ Rescue 1122.
To segue into that: considering how much the Sharifs and Imran Khan spend on air travel (they use the same company) whereas the Chaudhry’s use a helicopter with a bicycle emblazoned on it, none of them have the simple act of getting on to the stage figured out.


  1. If IMRAN Khan's dream team cannot plan to lift him safely onto a stage, what will they do with enormous problems Pakistan faces today. Immaturity is evident. The fork lifter was bound to become unstable, the way they were standing. On it.

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