Don’t think I want to make sleazy comedies, says Saif Ali Khan


Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan is treading new territories with ” Go Goa Gone” – a zombie comedy, after making romance-based entertainers like “Love Aaj Kal” and “Cocktail”, but he’s quite sure he won’t ever make a “sleazy” comedy.
There’s a thin line between “naughty” and “sleazy”, he believes.
Why is comedy all about sleaze nowadays?
“Everything should have a representative, I guess! So, also have a branch of comedy, which is sleazy, but I suppose there is an audience for that as well. There are different kinds of people in our country, and you’ve got to cater to all.”
“But I don’t think I want to make a sleazy film. I’d rather make a naughty one,” the 42-year-old told IANS over phone from Mumbai.
“Go Goa Gone”, his production and acting venture, releases May 10. Starring Kunal Kemmu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari in key roles, the movie, as Saif believes, is a “naughty” kind!
Narrating a scene from the movie, he said: “There’s a scene in which Kunal’s character goes and buys condoms. The shopkeeper asks him, ‘So what kind of condoms do you want?’ and then Kunal’s character says, ‘Well, the ones for having sex!’
“So this, I think is naughty and funny, but not sleazy.” While the movie has been heavily promoted as a ‘zombie’ film, Saif says it’s not all that “zombie”.
“It’s a very urban movie, it’s a funny one and not aimed at buying anyone into the theory of the zombie. It is essentially a story of these three boys and their ridiculous adventures. So, I think it’s nice if we can just laugh a little bit without thinking what’s a zombie and all of that,” he said.
The idea behind “Go Goa Gone” was also to cater to the audience which wants “new and exciting” genres and storylines.
“The audience is ready and maturing. So it is up to us now to give them the content. I remember Kunal (Kemmu) came up to me with this script, and said this is a comedy about zombies. At first I was apprehensive to try something new, to produce something new, but then when I read the script, I laughed out loud quite a number of times.”
“I believe the audience will laugh too,” Saif said. The budget for the film, he said, was “not very much”. But he promises they haven’t “cheated” the audience.
He said the crew shot a lot on beaches and in jungles of Mauritius, besides getting Hollywood experts to work on the zombies’ make-up. Saif’s own look is different in the film – he sports blonde locks.”I liked the idea,” he said.