PML-N, PTI running show as D-Day approaches


Tensions are expected sour in the metropolis when a tug of war begins in PS-114 on May 11. All political parties have fielded their candidates from the constituency but there is still uncertainty about the identity of the ultimate winner as the vote bank in this constituency is erratically divided.
The PPP, MQM, PML-N and PTI have fielded their respective candidates for PA seat of PS -114. Among the known players, PML-N and PTI are currently running the show here.
This constituency is divided into five Union Councils (UCs), namely Akhter Colony, Kashmir Colony and Junejo Town that fall within the first UC. The second UC includes Manzoor Colony, Defence View and Rehman Colony. Meanwhile, the thrid UC include Azim Town while Chanesar Goth falls in the jurisdiction of the fourth UC. The fifth UC include Mehmoodabad Korangi Administration Society and Liaquat Ashraf Colony respectively.
This particular constituency have a multi-ethnic population. Akhter Colony, Kashmir Colony, Junejo Town, Manzoor Colony, Defence View, Rehman Colony, Azim Town, Chunassir Goat, Korangi Administration Society, Liaquat Ashraf Colony are mostly multi-ethnic in composition. The only area of this constituency where only Urdu-speaking people are in majority is Mehmoodabad. Due to the constituency’s fragile population mix, a tough competition is expected on this PA seat.
Meanwhile, the inhabitants of this constituency are eagerly waiting for the polling day. On the other hand, all political parties who have fielded their candidates to fight elections are too pressed with electioneering activities.
“We do not claim that we would establish our rule over the area,” PTI candidate Israr Ahmed Abbasi told Pakistan Today. The people of this area are very frightened and they cannot openly declare their loyalties towards any party, he added. “I am hopeful, the result here would be surprising,” he said.
Abbasi further said that, “After coming to power, my first and initial priority would be to provide clean drinking water in the area” while adding that he would uproot the culture of discrimination and ethnic differences between people and would also ensure the maintenance of peace and stability here.
Meanwhile, a Azim Town resident, seeking anonymity said, “I will cast my vote for the PML-N as the only leader remaining in Pakistan is Nawaz Sharif. I believe that by coming to power he would sort-out all problems being faced by the country.”
They are leaders by name not by act.after winning election, they starts gulling the public and become haves over night.” He added.
A shopkeeper of Mehmoodabad area, while talking to Pakistan Today, said, “I am in favour of the PML-N. I want it to win as i believe it is the only party that can settle all disputes of the metropolis.”