Family of Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah leaves for India


Two family member of Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah Ranjay, who is in a Chandigarh hospital after being attacked in a Jammu jail, have departed for India Tuesday after being granted permission from Indian officials.

The two family members will arrive in Chandigarh via the Wagah-Attari border, according to a statement by the Pakistan High Commission. His two teenage sons were not able to receive visas because they both don’t have ID cards.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner in New Delhi Salman Bashir had already flown to India on Monday to meet a medical board of the PGI Chandigarh Hospital regarding Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah Haq, DawnNews reported.

According to a spokesman of the Foreign Office (FO), Sanaullah Haq was still in a critical condition. Earlier, he was declared brain-dead by doctors of the PGI Chandigarh hospital.

Sanaullah, who was convicted by an Indian court for involvement in separatist activities in the disputed Kashmir region, was attacked in an Indian prison by a court-martialled Indian soldier in retaliation to a similar incident in a Pakistani jail where some prisoners attacked Sarabjit Singh, who was a deathrow inmate in Pakistan convicted for terrorism charges related to a bombing in Faisalabad that had killed 14 people in 1990.

Sarabjit later died at a hospital in Lahore.


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