Taliban warn teachers not to participate in elections


Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)on Monday warned teachers of Dara Adam Khel to boycott the polling process in order to avoid “punishment.”

The warning was issued through pamphlets distributed in various schools in different areas of the city, including Sarband, Salman Khel, Masho Khel and some areas located in Badbher.

Locals found the pamphlets and informed the police. Security officials gathered the letters for investigations.

According to the letters, TTP Dara Adam Khel said that the outfit was against people who were working for democracy, adding that democracy was the enemy of the Islam and would destabilise the country and Islam.

Through their pamphlet, TTP also demanded that people support the TTP in different ways; through donations or participation in Jihad and rejection of the upcoming elections.

TTP also warned teachers and citizens that they should not participate in election work during polling and stopped them of participation in political gatherings.

TTP said that it was not afraid of targeting citizens and office bearers.


  1. If teachers use commonsense, they must not participate in the forthcoming elections, as openly warned by Taliban's. Taliban's have never served empty threats, so the commonsense must prevail, though this is one commodity which is very uncommon.

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